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Greeting from the President

Keimyung  university captin Synn Ilhi   Dear Keimyung Family Members and Friends of Keimyung University,


  The endless summer heat has now bowed out, following the cycle of seasons, yielding its place to the autumn air. While anticipating the richness which autumn will bring, I would like to extend my greetings to all Keimyung family members. I would also like to express my deep gratitude and respect to every member of the Keimyung family, visible and invisible alike, for their devotion and effort in fully carrying out their responsibilities.


 This summer was remarkable not only for its unprecedented heat wave but also because of an amazing piece of news. In the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, our Keimyung alumnus, Chang Hye-jin, won two gold medals in archery, an invigorating achievement that greatly raised the reputation of our university. This was a memorable achievement, demonstrating our true potential and underlying power to the world. I am deeply pleased and also proud that we begin a new semester, sharing such priceless news.


  Just as the cultivated fields show evidence of having overcome the hot summer, so we too are now preparing for our own harvest, as the numerous plans and projects we set up at various times come to fruit. Every enterprise has its own value and meaning, and I trust you will continue enthusiastically with yours until its fruition. In doing so, you will find your own, unique self-value.


  The light to illuminate innate wisdom and potential, and the capacity to empower one to start over, are truly the values of human education. As reflected in the phrase, 'BONUS INTRA MELIOR EXI’ (Enter as good people and leave as better people), Keimyung University aspires to pursue human-centered educational values. Our heartfelt support goes to you in your discovering and transforming of rough, angular stones into precious gems.


  We are at the moment recruiting students for the year 2017. It is my hope that every single member of the university will work together to attract many promising students, who will grow to become valuable human assets and illuminate the future of Keimyung University.


  I wish you an enjoyable and prosperous harvest season, replete with appreciation, sharing, and the graceful blessing of God.


  Autumn 2016



Synn Ilhi


Keimyung University

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