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Greeting from the President

Keimyung  university captin Synn Ilhi   Dear freshmen and Keimyung family members,


  The Year of the Golden Dog has dawned, and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best of health and happiness. I sincerely hope that all your dreams will come true and that you will be abundantly blessed by God in this new year.


 As you may already know, we achieved many things last year. We were once again designated for government-sponsored projects such as ACE+ and LINC+, and other initiatives entrusted to us all proceeded apace. We successfully carried out a variety of programs in partnership with local businesses and communities. In particular, we successfully completed several large-scale, international events promoting scholarship, culture, and the arts—namely, the Dongsan Forum on higher education, the Dongcheon Forum on the 500th Annversary of the Reformation, the Management Innovation Forum for East Asia, and the Arts and Humanities Conference of the Silk Road—thus further raising the public profile of Keimyung University around the world. These works and experiences confirmed the strength of our educational philosophy at Keimyung, and we are very proud of this.


  Last year also witnessed numerous heartwarming stories of the activities of Keimyung’s students and alumni. Students of the engineering college won perhaps the most prestigious self-driving vehicle competitions in Korea; other students returned their scholarships so that less privileged students could benefit from them; and an alumnus firefighter nearly lost his life to save others - his act of self-sacrifice was in the national news. These stories of concerted effort and service to others all demonstrate that Keimyung University’s education has been developing in the right direction.


  Last year, we also continued to conduct our volunteer programs to reach out to those in difficult situations around the world, improving their educational opportunities, providing medical treatment. These acts of love once again reminded us of our most important mission. Those who continuously contributed to our fund-raising efforts also served as good exemplars of loving and helping others. Without doubt, the spirit of the international missionaries who willingly devoted themselves for the betterment of the then impoverished country of Korea a century ago is still alive and well.


  Keimyung University is a deep-rooted, 119-year-old tree, and it can never be shaken by the trials and tribulations of the times but continues to bear good fruit. Once again, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to you all for your efforts last year. May the Lord continue to grant you the blessings of work.

Synn Ilhi


Keimyung University

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