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Greeting from the President

Keimyung  university captin Synn Ilhi

Welcome to Keimyung University

  I would like to extend my special congratulations to our freshmen who are joining Keimyung University in this beautiful and invigorating spring season. I would also like to greet all our other Keimyung University students who are now beginning a new semester.


  Your joining Keimyung University is a proud event for our school. You are the hope of our university, and we have high expectations of you. I hope that you will always remember and be grateful to the people around you – your parents, teachers, and friends – for walking with you along your life's journey up to this point, supporting you with their tears and prayers, teaching you, and inspiring you with heartfelt affection, and encouraging you with their steadfast friendship.


 Now it is time for you to begin walking independently. No longer will your parents and teachers do things for you. It is solely your responsibility to create your own plans, make decisions, and to take action. And it is you who have to be responsible for the outcome.


  Honest effort never lies. You will reap what you sow. Those who work hard today will do well tomorrow. Do not be afraid of making mistakes or facing failures. Embrace challenges and invest yourself in your university life with passion. Enrich your head high and keep your chin up. Have a warm heart and a cool head. Free your spirit with intellectual curiosity and never cease to reach for your dreams. I hope that each one of you will discover your own unique value and become an indispensable member of society.


  Keimyung University began its 117 years’ history when it first opened the medical clinic Jejungwon in 1899, and it has designed a wide variety of programs intended to enable you to make your dreams come true. Take part in these programs, rise to the challenges they pose, and make them your own. You will also meet many international students on campus. Enjoy interacting with them and do not miss this precious opportunity to develop yourselves as global citizens. Perhaps you do not want to hear this particular piece of advice any more, but I urge you to learn a foreign language. In fact, I would press you to be able to speak at least two foreign languages if you intend to be appreciated as world citizens. At the same time, you should bear in mind that studying is not everything. I hope you will also have time to exercise, reach out to the less privileged, and participate in many other social activities. Those experiences will lead you to a brighter future.


  Keimyung University is here to give wings to your dreams and to nurture you academically and ethically as leaders of the 21st century. You have greater potential than you think, and Keimyung University is ready to create with you a sanctuary of light to illuminate your future.


  I hope you view this semester not merely as just another academic term but as a time for new hopes and challenges. If you seek new value in your everyday routine and spend time in a creative way, you will find yourself becoming a better person with each passing day. It is your own responsibility and mission to add meaning to and discover value in your everyday life. Do your best in everything that you are entrusted to undertake.


  Never forget that what we do here and now will later become an important part of the history of Keimyung University. You are writing a new sentence in Keimyung’s history. So let us work together to create a glorious history that our posterity will look back upon with pride.


  Our today is brighter than yesterday, and our tomorrow will be brighter yet. God bless all of you who are striving to create a brighter future.



Synn Ilhi


Keimyung University

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