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Greeting from the President

Keimyung  university captin Synn Ilhi   Dear freshmen and Keimyung family members,


  The sweltering heat of summer is finally over and the intermittent cool breeze heralds a new, flourishing season — autumn. I wish all our Keimyung family members peace and happiness in this glorious time of year.


 Let me begin by extending my deep appreciation and respect to all those who worked so hard and soldiered on through the oppressive summer heat to fulfill their responsibilities. They came to school every day to provide summer training and teaching, maintain and repair the facilities on campus, and prepare for university admission information sessions and classes for the new semester.


  Higher education today is beset by unprecedented challenges on all sides including funding and talent recruitment. Now, more than ever, I sincerely hope you will give our students the caring, insightful guidance that they deserve and do your part toward the development of the school by inheriting the Keimyung spirit bequeathed by our founders, who built this school on a rocky mountainside.


  This semester, Keimyung welcomes thirty new faculty members in nine fields including the humanities. This is part of our ceaseless effort to improve the quality of Keimyung’s education and research. We intend to invite the best experts in various fields every semester and raise the level of institutional support to enhance Keimyung’s academic capabilities.


  We have also been cost-cutting as much as possible, and this allowed us to offer a record amount of 75 billion won in scholarships last year — more than any other university in Korea. This clearly demonstrates our philosophy and commitment to ensure that no students are forced to forego their studies for economic reasons. We are also planning to offer special scholarships for talent development while expanding and improving our general scholarship programs.


  We will soon be recruiting freshmen for the 2018 academic year. I hope that you will continue to take a keen interest in Keimyung and support us so that we can attract many great talented individuals who will one day brighten Keimyung’s future.


  I believe that all of you understand that it is our responsibility to overcome the many challenges facing us and work together to tackle them as pioneers of a new era. I wish you all the best of health and much happiness in this beautiful season of autumn. May God bless you and your families.


Synn Ilhi


Keimyung University

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