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Greeting from the President

Keimyung  university captin Synn Ilhi   Dear freshmen and Keimyung family members,


  I sincerely congratulate and welcome all freshmen to Keimyung University where new life is sprouting in this beautiful spring season. I am also happy to see all the returning Keimyung family members preparing once again for another semester.


 Just as spring is all the more welcome after the long, cold winter, so your new start as university freshmen is all the more important because of your long, hard endurance throughout your years at school. In this regard, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to all of you for the courage and perseverance that you have shown. I hope that you will not forget to express your gratitude to your teachers who taught and guided you for so many years, your friends who lent you their encouragement with all their hearts, and your parents who have been silently praying for you with the greatest love.


  Keimyung University’s specialized global programs await your active participation: we offer overseas outreach programs, short and long-term language programs, as well as dual degree and student exchange programs based on our vibrant international ties with 298 colleges and 46 institutions in 57 countries. Over 100 scholarship programs inside and outside the school provide financial aid to our students in order to prevent them from having to suspend their studies merely because they cannot afford the tuition. Moreover, our large-scale, government-sponsored projects such as ACE (Advancement of College Education), LINC (Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation), CK (Creative Korea), and CORE (Initiative for College of Humanities' Research and Education) as well as our start-up business support team will assist every single one of you to discover your life purpose and become a valuable member of society.


  We are running two specialized colleges from this year: Artech College and Tabula Rasa College. They are designed to equip you with the kind of specialized knowledge and values that you will need to navigate through our rapidly changing economic environment. Artech College is a college founded on Keimyung’s commitment to nurturing the talented individuals needed for our time of convergence between the humanities and the arts. It aims to nurture competent human resources in cultural contents by offering high-quality spaces for creativity and providing guidance on business start-ups and employment. Tabula Rasa College will focus on education in the humanities and personality development to foster all-round global leaders with high ethical standards.


  Dear freshmen, You have greater potentials and possibilities than you think. Trust yourselves and do not be afraid to embrace challenges with the courage and passion of youth. Keimyung University will spare no efforts to support all of you. Keimyung family members beginning another semester, We now face formidable challenges: the political and economic situation of the nation is more chaotic than ever before, and the severe competition in education is increasing the pressure on us every day. These challenging times sorely require our predecessors’ courage and pioneering spirit that enabled them to build this school by hewing into a rocky mountainside.


  Keimyung’s common objectives for this year can be summarized as ‘education’ and ‘research’: education aimed at expanding cross-disciplinary convergence and the development of practical and socially responsible curricula, and research that can create tangible and permanent academic values. As I said at the beginning of this year, education and research are indispensable to the existence of a university, and their significance can never be overstated. We need to clearly understand our responsibility and make a concerted effort in this regard.


  In this new semester it is my sincerest hope that you will continue to support and encourage one another in every area of your academic life, including research in your respective major fields, teaching your students with deep affection, and doing your best in your individual positions of responsibility with a spirit of devotion to society just as you have done until now.


  I wish all our Keimyung family members the very best for the new academic year.


Synn Ilhi


Keimyung University

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