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Admission Guidelines

  • Admission Guideline
    • Eligibility for Application
      Freshmen Admissions
      Division Qualification Requirement
      Freshman Admission Parents have foreign citizenship

      Foreign Applicants whose parents both have foreign citizenship

      Completion of entire post-secondary education

      Applicants who have completed their entire post-secondary education(12 years) including outside and inside of the Republic of Korea.

      Married immigrant who have approval of naturalization

      Applicants who have completed their entire post-secondary education(12 years) outside of the Republic of Korea and approval of naturalization to Republic of Korea

      Transfer Admission 2nd year Transfer

      Those who have completed (or expect to complete) at least one year (two semesters) in a degree program at a four-year university or another Bachelor’s degree program.

      3rd year Transfer

      Those who have completed (or expect to complete) at least two years (four semesters) in a degree program at a four-year university or another Bachelor’s degree program.


    • Departments & Majors
      Freshmen Admissions
      College Faculty Department & Major
      Humanities and International Studies Korean Language and Culture

      Korean Language and Literature, Korean Studies

      Foreign Language and Literature

      English Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature

      International and Area Studies

      Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, American Studies, European Studies, Spanish and Latin American Studies


      History, Christian Studies, Philosophy & Ethics

      Business Administration Business Administration

      Business Administration, Tourism Management, Management Information System

      Accounting and Taxation

      Accounting, Taxation

      EMU (Dual Degree)  
      Social Science Economics & Commerce

      Economics and Finance, International Trade & Commerce, E-Trade

      Public Service

      Public Administration, Politics and International Relations


      Journalism & Visual Communication, Advertising and Public Relations


      Consumer Information Studies, Sociology, Psychology, Library and Information Science, Social Welfare, Law, Police Administration

      Natural Sciences Basic Sciences Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences
      Food & Health Sciences Public Health, Food Science and Technology, Food Science and Nutrition
      Environment Environmental Science, Global Environment, Environmental Planning
      Engineering Architecture & Civil Engineering Civil Engineering, Architecture, Architecture Engineering
      Electronic & Electrical Engineering Electronic Engineering, Electrical Energy Engineering
      Computer Engineering Computer Engineering, Game & Mobile Engineering, DigiPen Games Engineering(Dual-Degree, Fall Semester only)
      Urban Planning Transportation Engineering, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture
      Mechanical & Automotive Engineering Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Mechatronics
      - Chemical Engineering, Advanced Materials Engineering, Industrial and Management Engineering
      Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education, Sports and Leisure Studies
      - Taekwondo, Sports Marketing
      Fine Arts   Painting, Craft Design, Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design, Fashion Marketing
      Nursing - Nursing
      Music and Performing Arts Music Orchestral Instruments, Vocal Performance, Composition, Piano
      Performing Drama and Musical Theatre, Dance
      KAC - International Business, International Relations
      Artech   Photography and Related Media, Video and Animation, Visual Communication Design, Music Production, Creative Writings


    • Application Schedule
      Application Schedule
      Division Period
      2017 Spring Semester
      (March ~ June)
      2017 Fall Semester
      (September ~ December)
      (*1st application)
      2017 Fall Semester
      (September ~ December)
      (*2nd application)
      2016. 11. 7.(Mon) ~ 11.(Fri) 2017. 5. 8.(Mon) ~ 12.(Fri) 2017. 6. 19.(Mon) ~ 7.7.(Fri)
      Interview 2016. 11. 25.(Fri) 2017. 5. 26.(Fri) 2017. 7. 14.(Fri)
      Result 2016. 12. 1.(Thu) 2017. 6. 2.(Fri) 2017. 7. 18.(Tue)
      Registration 2016. 12. 21.(Wed) ~ 23.(Fri) 2017. 7. 3.(Mon) ~ 7.(Fri) 2017. 7. 19.(Wed) ~ 21.(Fri)

      ▶ Submit Documents to:
      ·International Affairs Team: International Students (except Chinese)
      ·China Center Administration Team: Chinese Students
      ※ It should be submitted in Person or by Post
      ·Practical Exam may be required in some colleges


    • Required Documents
      Required Documents
      Division Required Documents
      Freshman Admission

      ① Application Form & Self-Introduction Form
      ② Official high school graduation certificate and transcripts with apostile or authentication by the embassy
      ③ Certificate of Korean or English Proficiency Test
      ④ Financial documents (for administrative and Visa purposes)
      ⑤ Confirmation of Identity (e.g. Passport, ID card, Family Record Book, etc.)

      Transfer Admission

      ① The above documents for freshman admission (① ~ ⑤)
      ② Official graduation(completed) certificate or transcript from previous university with apostile or authentication by the embassy


    • Admission Scholarship
      Admission Scholarship
      Type Eligibility Benefit
      Jinri Applicants who have TOPIK level 5, 6

      100% Waiver of Tuition Fee

      Jeongui (A) Applicants who have TOPIK level 4 50% Waiver of Tuition Fee & 100% Waiver of Admission Fee
      Jeongui (B) 1. Applicants who have TOPIK level 3
      2. Applicants who have TOEFL iBT 80 or iELTS 5.5 or above(Only Applicable to KAC)
      50% Waiver of Tuition Fee


    • Contact Information
      Contact Information
      Office Address Contact Number E-mail Address
      International Affairs Team Keimyung University, 1095
      Dalgubeol-daero, Dalseo-gu,
      Daegu 42601, Republic of Koreap
      China Center
      Administration Team
      (Chinese Only)


    • Admission Website :


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  • Update date 2017-01-17
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