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Brief History

  • Brief History
    • Early Beginnings: Founded in 1954 by an American Missionary and Local Church Leaders

      Keimyung University was founded in 1954 by Reverend Edward Adams, an American missionary of the Northern Presbyterian Church of the United States, and by Reverends Choi Jaehwa and Kang Ingu, two local Presbyterian Church leaders. The founding principle guiding their concerted efforts was to provide Koreans with higher education firmly anchored in Christianity. The opening of the university also reflected the perceived need for higher education as a vehicle with which to reconstruct the war-ravaged nation and a means of perpetuating the time-honored spirit of the Korean people.

    • Innovation and Changing the Face of Higher Education

      1978, the year of Keimyung’s elevation to the status of a university, marked the beginning of a new period of rapid development. In October 1980, the university merged with the Dongsan Presbyterian Hospital, a prestigious local hospital with an 81-year history of service, and re-opened it as Keimyung University Medical Center.
      The development of Keimyung acquired a new dimension in the early 1980s when it added a new campus built on 1,658,207 sq. meters at Seongseo in Sindang-dong, Dalseo-gu to its existing Daemyeong and Dongsan campuses.

    • 58 Years of Growth (in 2012): A Center of High Quality Education
    • Educational Venue for 24,174 Students in 97 majors, two faculties and 19 Colleges

      Keimyung University is committed to delivering a world-class education and research portfolio, providing a full and dynamic university experience, and pursuing strong international links to advance knowledge.

    • Outreach to the World

      Making strides to become a world leader in higher education, Keimyung University has expanded its global network and now offers a variety of international programs. With a long history of international exchange and cooperation with institutions around the world, Keimyung University has forged exchange partnerships with 262 universities and organizations in 49 countries.

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