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International Studies

College of Architectural Studies

The College of International Studies first opened its doors in 1979 under the name of the College of Foreign Studies. Established as the first college of regional studies in Korea, it was selected in 1997 by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources as a government-sponsored college to nurture experts in foreign cultures and international relations. The college focuses on developing the practical expertise and capabilities of students thus helping them become true leaders in a globalized world.

  • Educational Goals

    Fluency in selected foreign languages, a comprehensive understanding of the politics, economy, society, and culture of the country in which students specialize, and global leadership are the major areas that the CIS pursues to prepare its students. The CIS aims to train experts who meet the needs of the global society of the 21st century.

  • Faculty and facilities

    Some 30 outstanding members of the faculty, including foreign professors, are leading about 1,400 students in the various regional studies majors. Numerous programs and language courses with native speakers are provided every semester in multimedia rooms and other modern facilities to help students master the languages in which they specialize.

  • CIS Programs
    • CIS programs include the training of experts with creativity, leadership, and knowledge, local field programs and short- and long-term overseas language courses in order to develop students’ expertise and competitiveness.
    • Fluency in Foreign Languages: The CIS provides foreign language programs at various levels and phases, intensive language camps in international houses including KELI House, CLIK House, and JIKU House plus short- and long-term overseas language courses. Students can earn credits through expanded exchange programs with sister universities in the United States, Japan, China, Taiwan, the United Kingdom., Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Spain and Latin America.
    • Scholarship Programs: The CIS provides various scholarship programs among which include: Bisa scholar; FISEP (eight-semester program covering tuition fees, book allowances, participation in local ESL programs and Milan Camp, and entry into international houses); the BLCU(Beijing Language & Culture University) joint Degree program; opportunities for overseas language courses, and other scholarships including the Rotary Scholarship Program.
    • Support for Job Seeking and Career Development: The CIS provides on Education Accreditation program to train competitive students as needed in society, on-the-job training through internship programs, and global experiences through various exchange programs with sister colleges and graduate schools at home and abroad.
  • Administration Office
College of Architectural Studies
Major Office Curriculum Information on Faculty members Information on Majors
Chinese Studies 053)580-5791 Curriculum Information on Faculty members Information on Majors
Japanese Studies 053)580-5792 Curriculum Information on Faculty members Information on Majors
American Studies 053)580-5787 Curriculum Information on Faculty members Information on Majors
European Studies 053)580-5790 Curriculum Information on Faculty members Information on Majors
Spanish and Latin American Studies 053)580-5737 Curriculum Information on Faculty members Information on Majors
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