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Guide to Living in Daegu

  • About Daegu
    • The City of Daegu, located inland, in the southeast of the Korean Peninsula, is the fourth biggest city in Korea. The city is conveniently located four driving hours by car or two hours away by express train from Seoul, the capital city. It also takes one and a half hours from Busan which is adjacent to the ocean. Daegu is also surrounded by small cities and towns which have numerous historical and cultural sites. People can also reach many beautiful beaches on the East Sea which are only two driving hours away.

      City of Daegu Welcomes the World

    • Population

      Daegu has a population of around 2.5 million.

    • Daegu Industries

      Daegu has been the home of Korea's textile industry for decades, and the past few years attest to the rapid development of the fashion and design industries in the city as it strives to become the Milan of East Asia. Daegu has a total of about 6,000 manufacturing enterprises, which consist of 36.2% textile companies and 43% machinery, metal engineering and auto parts businesses. Daegu's regional textile industry occupies 13.9% of the total production within Korea's textile industry with 11.9% of corporations.

    • Climate

      The weather in Daegu is especially hot and humid in summer and cold in winter, but you can enjoy yourself in the warm, clear weather of both spring and fall. Average annual temperature is as follows: 20℃(68℉) in the spring, 30℃(86℉) in the summer, 20℃(68℉) in the fall, and 0℃(32℉) in the winter.

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