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KMU Students' Hand Warmer Event
2017-03-09 17:40:15
국제교류센터 행정팀
첨부이미지 : KMU Students' Hand Warmer Event.jpg
It is an issue there are college students tried to improve relations between Korea and China about a ban Korean wave in China recently. Students are from Keimyung University and are attending a China Namgae University on an exchange scholarship.

A few years ago, Korean celebrity's posters were found easily in Chinese campus because of the Korean wave. However, Because of the Korean THAAD deployment. The Chinese government declared a ban on the Korean wave. So, The Korean wave culture including K-Pop has disappeared.

Students concerned with this problem, prepared an event to show a good image of Korea. They communicated Korean affection and delivered hand warmers at a high five event around the final test period of the local school. The high five event is a greeting campaign that is conducted on the 5th, 15th, 25th every month at Keimyung University. It is cheering and encouraging each other. This campaign was popular as the prepared hand warmers disappeared quickly.


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