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Additional Admission Procedure for International Students on Spring Semester
2016-02-18 19:12:18
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Additional Admission Procedure for International Students on Spring Semester, 2016

1. Eligibility for Application 
  - Applicant must meet the following requirements; S/he must have completed his or her entire elementary and junior high school education and; S/he must have completed (or is expected to complete) high school education at a comparable and equivalent level to that which is provided in Korea.
2. Transfer Admissions
  - For applicant who satisfies the qualification and the education requirement above for the freshmen admissions and the followings;
  a. 2nd year: completed at least one year (two semesters) of a 4-year university program
  b. 3rd year: completed at least two years (four semesters) of a 4-year university program
3. Academic departments(majors)
  - Tourism Management, International Trade and Commerce, Chinese Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Korean Studies
4. Application Schedules
  a. Submission of Documents: Feb 18(Thu) 09:00 ~ Feb 21(Sun) 18:00
  b. Notice of Successful Applicant: after Feb 22(Mon) 18:00
  c. Registration: Feb 23(Tue) 09:00 ~ 16:00
5. Required Documents
  A. Freshmen

  a. Completed application Form with one 3*4 colored photo (printed version and signed)
  b. Self-introduction letter (hand written and signed)
  c. Graduation certificate (or certificate of expected graduation)  and official transcripts from high school (originals)
  d. Certificate of Facts Concerning the Entry and Exit from the date of birth to the present (only for who is staying in Korea)
  e. Family Census Register or equivalent certificate of applicant and his/her parents (issued by the government authority)
  f. Copies of applicant's and his/her parents' identification (issued by the government authority)
  g. Copies of Alien Registration Card of applicant and his or her parents (if applicable)
  h. Copies of applicant's and his/her parents' passports
  i. Copy of bank account book: Bank statement showing over USD 13,000 which has been deposited for more than one month from the submission date.
  j. Employment certificate or Business registration certificate from sponsor (if applicable)
  k. Certificate of income or certificate of property tax from sponsor (if applicable)
  l. Certificate of Korean Language Proficiency Test ※ Applicants can have either certificate out of below certificates.
   - A TOPIK certificate level 3 or higher
   - A KKPT (Keimyung Korean Proficiency Test) certificate for PASS
   - Certificate of completion of 3 or higher level course at the Keimyung Korean Language and Cultural Center (KKLC) ※ For more information on KKPT, please contact the Keimyung Korean Language and Cultural Center (KKLC) (Tel: + 82-53-580-6353)

 B. Transfer Students
  a. Other documents are the same with freshmen's
  b. Graduation certificate (or enrollment certificate) from previous university (original)
  c. Official transcript from previous university (original)
6. Contact: +82-53-580-6074
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