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Recuitment for KMU-CCAP Volunteer(CEV) of 2014 Spring Semester
2014-03-19 15:11:37
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KMU-CCAP Volunteer (CEV) Recruitment




What is KMU-CCAP?


   The Keimyung Cross-Cultural Awareness Program (KMU-CCAP) has been organized by Keimyung University and supported by the Korean National C2014ommission for UNESCO, and is designed to augment education for international understanding in Korean primary and secondary schools while promoting a culture of tolerance and mutual respect. KMU-CCAP invites foreigners residing in Korea to Korean classrooms for them to show their own culture to Korean students.


Role of CEV (Cultural Exchange Volunteers)


   KMU-CCAP invites foreign residents in Korea (CEV) to present the culture of their homelands to Korean youth. These international emissaries prepare cultural exchange activities in collaboration with Korean Interpretation Volunteers (KIV) and school teachers, supported by foreign embassies and cultural centers as well as KNCU. By involving themselves in this unique and exciting endeavor, all participants are able to deepen their understanding of each other and broaden their commitment toward a culture of tolerance and mutual respect.


How do I participate?


1. Registration: Both foreign professors and international students at Keimyung are eligible to be a CEV (Cultural Exchange Volunteers). Please download the attached application and submit a completed registration form to the International Affairs Office until March 26th (WED), 2014 if you are interested to join the program. Once you have completed the registration process, wait for a class request from the CCAP Asst. Coordinator (Shane).


2. Orientation: The CCAP staff will find a KIV (Korean Interpretation Volunteer) who speaks your language or the language you will be speaking in class and arrange a meeting with him/her. Contact your KIV and make an appointment for a meeting to prepare for the class. The CCAP orientation is scheduled to be held on March 27th, 2014 at the International Lounge from 5:00pm ~ 7:00pm.


3. Class Request: You will receive a class request email from KMU-CCAP staff later on. Please inform the KMU-CCAP staff whether you can give the lesson or not and wait for the KMU-CCAP staff to arrange a KIV for you.


4. Preparatory Meeting: With your KIV and the schoolteacher, plan your KMU-CCAP class. Topics may cover anything interesting about your culture. Try to make it fun and interesting by using visual aids and interacting with the students.


5. Conducting the Class: Hold your first KMU-CCAP class as you has planned during the preparatory meeting. The length of class usually ranges from 40-minutes to 90-minutes.


6. Evaluation Report: Share your ideas on how you can improve KMU-CCAP classes with other participants by uploading a feedback report on the KMU-CCAP website after holding the class.


7. Certificate and Compensation: At the end of the year, an activity certificate will be issued by Keimyung University. To obtain the certificate, CEVs are required to register and should make a sincere effort in organizing their class. You will also receive a compensation of 30,000 Won.


8. For more information, please contact the Office of International Affairs at Keimyung University or visit KMU-CCAP Face-book Page (

Tel: 053-580-6023, Contact: Ms. Minah Kim / Ms. Shane R. Chan

Fax: 053-580-6025




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