Major in Chinese Language and Literature

1. History
  The Department of Chinese Language and Literature was established at the College of Liberal Arts in 1980. Since then there have been minor changes in the department name and some changes in the structure of the attendant college. From 2003, there have been evening courses at the night college that provide specialized programs centered on the modern Chinese language. In addition, there have been a master's program in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature (opened in 1981), a combined master's and doctoral program in Chinese education, offered through the Department of Foreign Language Education, and another combined master's and doctoral program in Chinese Interpretation and Translation, operated by the Department of Interpretation and Translation. These programs were created to meet the demand of students who are eager to achieve a deeper level of understanding in each of their specific areas. About one thousand of the graduates from the department have advanced into positions of importance, both in and outside the country, and are playing key roles in the development of state and society.


2. Educational objectives
   Based on the overall study of Chinese language and literature, the Department's main educational objective is to cultivate specialists on China that have a depth of knowledge and a moral responsibility. More specifically, it strives to provide various subjects that are indispensable in the development of listening, conversation, reading comprehension, and compositional abilities in the Chinese language, and as a consequence a better appreciation of classical and modern Chinese literature and culture. By offering an international student exchange program and an on-site course completion program in China, the Department concentrates on the enrichment of competent students equipped with the adaptability and versatility needed in this era of internationalization. To meet this purpose, six Korean professors, a foreign professor, and a visiting foreign professor give lectures in this department, devoting themselves towards providing students with a high standard of education. Additional efforts to train specialists in all aspects of Chinese society and language are undertaken through the formation of various study communities, a synergistic collaboration between professors and student study groups.

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