Major in English Language and Literature

1. History
  The Department of English Language and Literature was established in 1954, the same year Keimyung Christian College (the former name of Keimyung University) was founded. In 1978, Keimyung was granted the status of university, and the Department of English Language and Literature became part of the College of Liberal Arts. The night school was set up in 1979. In 1986, the Department became affiliated with the College of Liberal Science, and a new system was introduced where students were accepted into an academic division, a group of affiliated colleges and departments. A new faculty system, in which each student chose his/her major in the second year, was introduced in 1997, and each department became a major. In 2006, the night school was shut down, and in the academic reorganization of 2007, the Department attained its present status as part of the College of Humanities.


2. Educational objectives
   Sharing the long established history of Keimyung University founded in 1954, the Department of English Language and Literature has produced a large number of distinguished graduates who have played major roles in Korean society. Today, the Department proudly continues to foster students with the leadership and skills necessary for the globalized society of the 21st century.

The primary educational purpose of the Department is to cultivate well-rounded students equipped with practical skills of English and a broad understanding of English literature and culture. A wide range of courses in English skills, linguistics, literature, culture, and education make up its core curriculum. The Department has well- qualified professors, nine Koreans and six native speakers.

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