Major in German Language and Literature

1. History
  The Department of German Language & Literature was established in 1975, as the first department of German Language and Literature Studies south of the Han river, and it was enhanced by the addition of a Graduate School (M.A/Ph. D) focusing on research in German literature in 1979. The Department of German Language & Literature - formerly known as 독어독문학과 and called 독일어문학과 since 1997, according to the new faculty system - was the first Korean University to work in collaboration with the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst/ German Academic Exchange Service), having established links in 1976. Since then we have received native German-speaking Visiting Professors in order to support the teaching of the German language, literature and applied geography.


2. Educational objectives
   The teaching of the German Language is the main objective of the department. Effective and methodical classes acquaint the students not only with German language and literature, but help them cross borders into other subjects. This implies approaching the linguistic, cultural and extra-literary context. A greater appreciation and understanding of Germany, the German culture and history in Europe opens possibilities for diverse future careers.


3. Facilities
   Students from our department approach the German language and culture by means of up to date media systems: TV's, videos, projectors, computers, the internet and more are available in every room. They can also utilize the multi-media-room and the special library for audio-visual classes, equipped with current material in order to practice their language skills.

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