Major in Russian Language and Literature

1. History
  The Department of Russian language and literature was established in 1995. Russia plays a significant role in the political, economic and cultural environment of society, being a hearth of Eastern European culture. Moreover, Russia stretches its borders as far as North Korea, China and Japan. Having had diplomatic relations with Korea, today Russia is an important companion for Korea in such aspects as military, culture and economy. In the process of seeking further democratization, throughout its long history influenced by the fundamental precepts of socialism, Russia's economy has been growing rapidly, with unlimited possibilities including abundant natural resources, and has developed science technology and vast territory. Students will be able to learn the Russian language, its wisdom and attitude to life, and thus, widen their horizon through the study of Russian Literature.


2. Educational objectives
   The Department of Russian language and Literature fosters international specialists who are able to keep up with the global world and have a widened understanding of Russian culture through obtaining professional knowledge about Russia and the Russian language. They will also make important contributions to our society in the field of international trade, with the ability to use Russian fully in terms of written composition and speaking fluency, as well as obtaining the TORFL certification. Moreover, students study various writers and genres of Russian Literature. On completion of the degree program, they will become professionals with a deep understanding of the Russian cultural essence. Russian professors teach practical everyday language, as well as social customs. The department of Russia language and literature also provides students with opportunities to study in Russian universities through the exchange programs.

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