Department of Christian Studies

1. Introduction
  Christian Studies has the following advantages:

  1) Scholarships - Eight students become full scholarship recipients per year.
  2) The study program is equipped with outstanding faculty.
  3) A complement to several fields (philosophy, social work, literature, history, education, psychology) that are easily accessible as part of our Christian university.
  4) Christian social workers, counselors, and youth service-related training under instructors are some of the employment options our students are equipped with.
  5) We provide the infrastructure for English education, as a solid foundation in English education makes it easier to operate outside of Korea.
  6) A large social network has assisted our alumni, with more than 600 pastors and lay leaders as alumni.
  7) Biblical and evangelical theology in the pursuit of theological excellence is our department focus.
  8) The University's graduate school is a possibility after graduation. After earning a master's degree in theology, affiliated sister institutions in the United States, such as New York Theological Seminary offer several potential pathways for interested students.

  Christian studies, as outlined above, provides an excellent educational system, in the perfect learning environment. Theology, as well as related subjects (Philosophy, Social Work, English Literature, History, Education, Psychology) provides a chance for a double major and minor. Our dormitory environment, libraries, campus, varieties of worship, mission, community service and extracurricular activities enhanced by the university's vision, will enable students to reap rewards. Christian Theological Studies students specialize in becoming pastors or teachers in missionary schools, or as Christian social workers, counselors, youth and community service experts.


2. History
   Christian Studies (Theology), according to the school's foundational principles, which are based upon the spirit of belief in the Triune God, was founded in 1981. Since then Christian Studies has produced in excess of 600 pastors and lay leader graduates. A high standard of education has become our priority. Since the establishment of the Department of Christian Studies, providing excellent academic education, under the guidance of highly motivated theological studies professors, a sound evangelical theology has been our pursuit. In addition, developmental funds secured since 2003 have benefited numerous students. Since 2007, Christian Studies, having changed its departmental profile, is enabling students to progress to seminaries and graduate schools, some of them overseas. One the one hand, our graduates may become seminary students and pastors to schools (general and special pastors, missionaries, chaplain, etc.), and on the other hand graduates are able to gain employment as Christian Social Workers, Youth Instructors, counselors and educators.


3. Educational program
   The Christian Theology Course Director, Christian Counseling and Welfare Course (Certification), Christian culture, as serviced by the ministry are all parts of our program. For a detailed description of subjects please refer to our homepage. Please refer to (


4. Career after graduation
   1) Christian theology course leader
   Foreign and domestic seminary entrance, church pastors, missionaries, Christian Research Institutes and Christian missionary centers
   ※ Overseas Sister Universities: Princeton Theological Seminary (USA), New York Theological Seminary (USA), Edinburgh University (UK)

   2) Christian Counseling and Welfare Course (Certification)
   Christian counseling psychologist qualifications / degrees in social work qualification level 2,
   General Social Welfare, welfare for the aged, child welfare, women's welfare, non-profit organizations (NGO, hunger task force, refugee facilities and a few human rights organizations), domestic violence counselling, sexual violence counselling, Health and Family Support Center, Youth Advisor, Disability facility, church, general counselor, Christian counseling and welfare centers, employment opportunities etc.

    3) Christian ministry through culture
   Christian Cultural Ministry, non-governmental organizations (NGO), Christian Cultural Center, Mission, churches, business administration, Christian newspapers and Christian Broadcasting services

   ※ use double major system - the ability to attain degrees in 2 majors.
   ■ Graduates can qualify for more than 2 kinds of degree. By default, the Christian and the Social Welfare Department, Philosophy, English Literature (Japanese, Chinese), a double major in literature, can be obtained after completing the required courses.


5. Other special programs
   1) Professor of native English Bible Cafe (English Bible Cafe): Princeton Ph.D. Professor Muller presents English Bible study and other English conversational activities.
   2) With every chapel service, spiritual development through worship and socializing.
   3) international internship program: United States, to experience an internship for one semester in China, and in Korea (Welfare Foundation, the church) students can also serve as interns.

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