Department of Education

1. Department Introduction
    Rooted in the tradition of Keimyung University, the department of education was established in 1956. Over the course of this long history, a large number of alumni from the department‘s many specialist fields have gone on to success in a wide variety of professional roles. The department introduces students to educational psychology, pedagogy, and the theoretical foundations of education. Further, each specialization within the department offers numerous learning experiences and teacher training programs. These opportunities ensure students develop the qualities of creative, innovative, and practice-oriented education professionals. 
2. Educational Objectives
   I. To foster creative, professional leaders in education for the global era
   II. To bestow future educators with highly specialized and practical pedagogical knowledge
   III. To support the development of educational professionals with a strong moral character and judgment 

3. Faculty
   The department of education consists of faculty members who are outstanding in their fields. Each specialty includes leading scholars who are eager to work with students towards their personal and professional growth.

4. Curriculum
   The department of education curriculum includes diverse offerings that span over each year of the program.
Freshmen and sophomores begin with theoretical foundations and core concepts in the field in order to build up their understanding of education studies. Juniors and seniors study specialized contents in the field of education and focus more heavily practical teacher training. By using their accumulated knowledge to analyze and plan their own lessons, they are able to grow as effective educators.
Over their course of studies, students do not only learn pedagogical skills, but also develop an understanding of counseling psychology, multiculturalism, and educational technology. Their broad knowledge coupled with practical training allows the department’s students to grow into true educators.

5. Career Opportunities
   The curriculum and objectives of the department of education emphasize the development of a high degree of understanding of learners and the process of learning among our students. Using this insight, alumni go on to work in the fields of educational technology, school counseling, education assessment, education administration, sociology of education, philosophy of education, and educational psychology.

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