Department of Early Childhood Education

1. History
    The Department of Early Childhood Education first admitted students in 2003 and has produced 166 bachelor degree graduates who serve the country and their communities. The mission of the department is to cultivate early childhood educators developing creativity, morality, and responsibility for education in its spirits of great future, great education and great love. The department has also offered programs leading to M.S. and Ph.D. in the graduate school, the graduate school of education, and the graduate school of early childhood education which has produced competent early childhood education professionals.

2. Educational objectives
    The department of early childhood education provides a program that combines theories with practices to cultivate early childhood educators who have creative problem-solving skills and ethical leadership. The program aims to cultivate knowledgeable educators with upright characters, sense of duty, and educational philosophy, who can serve the social and national development through early childhood expertise. The program helps students understand children's development and individual needs with professional knowledge of early childhood education, so that they can develop ability applying and creating educational programs for young children. This program provides students courses for building theoretical knowledge, such as child development, introduction to early childhood education, child counseling, and child welfare, as well as courses for developing educational practices, such as children's literature, visual arts in children, music education, and movement education for young children. Field observation of educational institution for young children, Student teaching and tutoring provided for in-service training.

3. Facilities

 - Simulation Laboratory: a practicing room identical to early childhood educational classroom to provide students to experience realistic classroom practices. Equipped with teaching aids, toys, TVs and VCRs.
- Observation Room: connected to the Simulation Lab and equipped with a one-way mirror to observe the Simulation Lab and CCTV to observe and to record situations in the Simulation Lab through monitors and VCRs.
- Media Producing Room: Equipped with books for early childhood education major, children's literature, educational softwares, 16 PCs for producing videos and media with various software tools such as Photoshops, Premier, Flash and so on. Also ready to serve for intelligence, psychological, creativity tests with testing resources and tools.
- Musical Instrument Laboratory: A classroom for early childhood music education equipped with 30 digital pianos, percussion instruments, and Korean traditional music instruments.
- Arts and Crafts Laboratory: A lab for various works and activities for production of teaching aids and materials, and early childhood arts and crafts. Equipped with cabinets for various materials, an electronic board, electric screen, and a DVD player.
- Body Movement Laboratory: Equipped with wooden floors and wall mirrors, and audio equipments for dance and Korean traditional music classes.
- Seminar Rooms: Rooms for students to study and work collaborately for their own projects.

4. Office

    Location: 104-2 Youngam Bldg.(1st floor) Phone: 053) 580-5916




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