Department of Korean Language Education

1. Introduction
    The department of Korean Language Education was established as part of the College of Education in 2012 in response to the growing need to cultivate secondary school Korean Language teachers. Based on many years of experience in the teaching field, facilitators in the department work towards developing highly skilled educators who are creative, innovative, have a strong sense of work ethic, and can effectively prepare students for a highly competitive globalized society.
2. Programs
   Offering both direct and indirect experience in the field of Korean Language teaching, Korean Language Education provides a comprehensive curriculum that aims at deepening student understanding of the fundamental principles and practices that underlie teaching and learning Korean Language. Its basic courses are designed to teach the Korean language skills and knowledge that are essential to be effective teachers. More advanced courses are designed to develop comprehensive professionals with a fuller understanding of Korean language education. It emphasizes also a spirit of co-operation, and encourages leadership that works towards strengthening and caring for others.


3. Career Opportunities
    In accomplishing the goals of the program, students can graduate with a high level of Korean Language proficiency; sound understanding of the principles of Korean Language education; strong leadership skills, and the ability to creatively and flexibly apply theory to real-world contexts. So, they will hold distinguished teaching position in the public or private sectors, They will also serve as researchers, journalists, announcers, radio and T.V. program makers, copy writers, publishers and much more.


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