Major in American Studies

1. History The Department of American Studies was founded in March 1983 as the Department of Anglo - American Studies under the College of Foreign Studies in order to nurture students who would play a leading role in the globalized future. It changed its name to the Department of American Studies in 1988 and began to offer night-time courses from 1997. To meet the needs of a rapidly changing 21st century, the department has sought to train global professionals who can lead with expertise and creativity. Since the college renamed itself in 1997, the department has played a leading role in the international studies arena to meet the expectations of a globalized society. 2. Educational Goals The department aims to nurture future leaders skilled in ever complex international relations. Freshmen and sophomores begin their studies with a focus on basic language skills and fluency in English. Juniors and seniors aim to obtain a wider range of insights and knowledge in various fields including the politics, economy, society, and culture of the United States. 3. Career Graduates with a major in American Studies are working in various fields that require a comprehensive understanding of international politics, trade and language. Companies, small and large, generate high demand for these graduates for their global businesses and operations. Graduates play important roles, in particular in businesses having trading relationships with U.S. enterprises, as well as in language institutes as English teachers and program instructors. Working for airlines and government agencies are also common job opportunities.  4. Special Programs The department offers short- and long-term overseas language courses at the University of California, Irvine, and the university of Hawaii, Manoa, opportunities to participate in an intensive English camp at KELI House, and exchange student programs. It also holds symposiums on American Studies and an American Studies Festival. 5. Office Location : Smith Building, Room 124 Tel : (053)580-5787
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