Major in Chinese Studies

1. History
  Founded in 1979, and the first department of its kind in Korea, the Department of Chinese Studies has successfully trained experts in Chinese Studies in various curricula ranging from political science, sociology, cultural studies, history and language. Many of our graduates go into careers in academia, as well as in China-related business, and are now playing a major role in their fields. We have offered undergraduate and graduate courses, in addition to running dual degree programs with our affiliated institutions in China.
2. Introduction
  Our mission as a department is to offer intensive Chinese language courses at every level for the purpose of improving our students’ Chinese skills. We also offer various curriculums of Area Studies including political science, sociology, cultural studies and history, a distinctiveness that we have in comparison with the Department of Chinese Language and Literature. Our faculty members are dedicated to the training of students to be experts on China with a competitive edge in various fields.
  Since 2006, we have offered a specialized curriculum for our students who wish to pursue careers in teaching. Students are encouraged to participate in short or long term study abroad programs with Beijing Language and Cultural University (BLCU), one of our affiliated institutions in China. We also sponsor a dual degree program with BLCU for B.A. degree and with the Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS) for M.A. and Ph.D. degrees.
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3. Curriculum
  1) Long Term Study Abroad Program: Students can take courses that amount to as many as 15 credits in a semester

      at BLCU, CASS or Renmin University of China.
  2) Short Term Study Abroad Program: Students can take a course comprising 3 credits for 5-6 weeks during summer

      recession at various universities in China.
  3) Education Curriculum: Among those with an excellent grade during the first year and the required Chinese

      language capacity, students are selected to be trained in education and receive a teacher’s certificate.
  4) Dual Degree Program for B.A.: Selected students among undergraduates study at Keimyung for two and half

      years, and then go to BLCU to study for two more years. Those who complete all the requirements can receive a

      bachelor's degree from each university.
  5) Dual Degree Program for M.A. and Ph.D.: Selected students among graduates study at Keimyung for a year, and

      then go to CASS to study for two more years. Those who complete all the requirements can receive a M.A. or

      Ph.D. degree from each university.
  6) Exchange Student Program: Selected Students can study in our affiliated universities in China and Taiwan.


4. Major facilities and equipment
  Multimedia room, language laboratory, satellite broadcast listening room, PC room, TV and VCR, cassette players and over-head projectors.


5. Career after graduation
  Chinese Studies majors pursue a broad range of careers upon graduation, but mostly in academia and business. Some graduates go on to graduate schools, either in Korea, China, or Taiwan, for further studies in the fields of international politics or Chinese language. Others develop their career in China-related business, such as trade and tourism.


6. Office
  Department of Chinese Studies: #120 Smith Hall
  ☎ 82-53-580-5791

1095 Dalgubeoldaero, Daegu, Korea 42601 / Tel. +82-53-580-5114
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