Major in Japanese Studies

1. History
  The Department of Japanese Studies was officially inaugurated as the first of its kind in South Korea in 1977 to specialize in Japanese politics, economy, society, culture, history. The department is based on Japanese language education. Since the first graduation ceremony in 1981, many graduates have made a phenomenal contribution in a wide range of areas: academia, foreign language education fields as well as many Japanese-related business sectors in Korea and abroad. As regional experts in Japan, our graduates have played especially crucial roles in the development of Korean society, and have also been proactive in the cultural exchange between Korea and Japan. As a leading Department of Japanese Studies program and the first Japan-region research and education center, the Department of Japanese Studies at KMU provides a consistent and integrated educational system from the undergraduate level to graduate school. We also open up the curriculum for the teaching profession in middle school and high schools.


2. Educational objectives
  The goal of the Department of Japanese Studies is to nurture regional experts who can develop in-depth understanding and analytical abilities, with a high level of Japanese language competency. With prominent faculty members, the department is currently focused on increasing the number of cultivated Japanese experts, and helping them lead the global era with excellent Japanese skills, regional experience, and professional knowledge. Unlike the existing Department of Japanese Language and Literature, the Department of Japanese Studies provides an integrated educational system consolidating the learning of Japanese history, politics, economy, society and culture in addition to Japanese language education. It also helps students to gain hands-on experience through a Summer Language Program at Syudo University in Hiroshima and at Hakseupwon University in Tokyo (since 2001).  By the "Local Credit Transfer" program, started in September, 2004, third-year students take their second semester courses at Syudo University


3. Office
  Location : 126-Ho, 1st Floor, Smith Building
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