Major in European Studies

1. History
  The Department of European Studies was established in 2004, following the merger of the French and German Departments, in order to cultivate specialists in the study of Europe, who can play leading roles in the era of European Integration. The EU is the largest single market in the world, surpassing the USA. According to the recently concluded Korea-EU FTA, Europe and Korea will have a stronger relationship. Thus, our Department will play an important role in this era of Korea-Europe relations, becoming an International hub for the education and development of specialists on European affairs.


2. Information
  The European Studies Department provides English and modern European language classes, enabling our students to communicate in languages other than Korean. Languages play a major role in our department’s curriculum, with English and French being offered on a daily basis. In addition, our department provides long and short term exchange programs for students with our sister universities in Europe (UK, Ireland, Denmark). Our Department also runs the European Studies 'English Forum' program, and the European ‘Regional Studies’ program. All of these programs have proved useful for our students to equip themselves with a systematic knowledge of the political, economic, social and cultural aspects of Europe.
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3. Facilities
  Our Department is fully equipped with Multi-media rooms, language laboratories, listening rooms, satellite TV facilities, computer rooms, TV and VCRs and Projectors.


4. Career after Graduation
  The Korea-EU FTA has opened up a wide market for our graduates. Our students can become specialists on the economy, politics, and the social and cultural aspects of Europe. The increasing demand for Korean graduates well specialized in European Studies has and will continue to stimulate job opportunities both in Korea and Europe. Therefore, our graduates have entered not only European companies, banks and public institutions located in Korea, but also Korean companies which do business with Europe. In addition, based on foreign language proficiency and knowledge on European Studies, our graduates can work in general financial institutions, trading companies, public sector companies, travel agencies, both in Europe and Korea.


5. Special Programs
  As part of our curriculum, the Department of European Studies runs various special programs for our students. We provide long and short term exchange programs for students with our sister universities in Europe (UK, Ireland, Denmark, etc.). Our department also runs all year long "extra curricular language programs" such as TOEIC Lectures, English Conversation Classes with native English speaking foreign professors, and French DELF certification Lectures. In addition, we offer European Studies English Forums, European Presentation Contests and European Studies Conferences.


6. Office
  Location : Smith Building, Room 126
  Tel : (053)580-5152

1095 Dalgubeoldaero, Daegu, Korea 42601 / Tel. +82-53-580-5114
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