Major in Business Administration

1. History
  The Department of Business Administration, the basis of today's College of Business Administration, was established in 1965, with an evening program added in 1977 to provide quality educational opportunities for career people who are already in employment. Our department has 20 faculty members, specidlfalizing in five major fields including: Human Resources Management, Marketing, Production and Operations Management, Finance, and International Business as well as teaching assistant administrative support.


2. Educational Objectives 
  In line with the goal of the College of Business Administration,
  "cultivating leaders who are practical, open-minded, ethical and rational problem-solvers, to lead the information age both locally and internationally," The three goals of the department are as follows: first, cultivating creative business experts capable of solving field problems rationally; second, fostering moral business professionals committed to social responsibility, as well as business ethics; and third, nurturing international business leaders able to actively cope with changing global business environments. To accomplish these objectives, our department teaches students to analyze and solve the problems faced in work places by introducing the concepts, theories and specific skills necessary to understand the general management of companies.


3. Facilities and Equipment
  Our department has one of the best educational facilities for research and study, which include lecture rooms, a business information library, a language lab, PC rooms, multimedia rooms and an international conference room. It also has advanced educational equipment and materials. An essential resource is the integrated management education room, equipped with software  donated by companies such as DUZON and Microsoft.


4. Employment Perspectives 
  Many career opportunities are provided for graduates, in various work places including large enterprises, financial institutions, government agencies, public corporations, local companies and educational and research institutes. It is also possible for students to achieve certificates including: CPA, AICPA, tax accountancy logistics management, investment Students can take advantage of exchange programs with more than 100 sister universities in foreign countries such as: the USA, Japan, and China to enhance career opportunities. Moreover, our joint degree programs, such as the Medical Management and Chinese Business Commerce programs provide new  job opportunities reflecting the changing business environment.


5. Office
  Location: Uiyanggwan, 3rd Floor Room 326
  Number: +82-53-580-6425

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