Major in Accounting

1. History
  The Department of Accounting was established in 1977, and it has played a leading role in the university. The department is proud of its tradition of producing reputable accounting specialists since introducing master's and doctoral courses in 1979 and 1985, respectively.


2. Educational Objectives 
  The objective of this major is to cultivate accounting specialists.  The organization of financial information for business is important in helping create and sustain an affluent society and achieving a fair distribution of wealth. The benefits of this profession can be divided in four: first, accounting specialists contribute to the construction of an affluent society; second, accounting specialists making a contribution to build an ethically sound society; third, accounting specialists actively help in the process of globalization; and fourth, accounting specialists with information processing technology help in the development of ever more efficient accounting services in this information era. Our department achieved the top CPA exam score in 1987, and this department had the highest number of CPAs among local universities in 1989.


3. Facilities and Equipment
  Our department has an array of excellent educational support facilities, a data office, and ARINA (Accounting Research Institute of Northeastern Asia) to actively cooperate with industry. Clubs for students preparing state exams (Myeonggyeonggae, Sugyeonggae) are also provided.


4. Employment Perspectives
  Most graduates work as CPAs, tax accountants, professors, accounting managers or directors in companies. One graduate has become a manager of a top bank. A number of our students pursue careers in industrial companies, financial institutes, government-financed institutions and public offices.  Moreover, many students with graduate degrees work in academics and related fields.


5. Office
  Location: Uiyanggwan, 3rd Floor Room 325
  Number: +82-53-580-6426

1095 Dalgubeoldaero, Daegu, Korea 42601 / Tel. +82-53-580-5114
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