Major in Tourism Management

1. History
  This department was established in 1985 to foster knowledgeable and experienced tourism specialists and managers to lead the tourism industry in Korea in the future. In 1994, it initialized an evening course now accepting more than 100 students each year. The department consists of seven faculty members, specializing in  tourism development, tourism service management, tourism marketing, tourism information, hotel management, recreation, conventions and international tourism.


2. Educational Objectives 
  Knowledge- and culture-based tourism provides a bright future as a strategic national industry. This department aims at nurturing competent tourism professionals who can play important roles in creating value-added tourism products and working, not only in centers of tourism, including hotels, travel agencies, airlines, international conferences, and food service industries but also condominiums, resorts, tourism development projects, government organizations, and academic institutions.


3. Facilities and Equipment
  Our department has high quality facilities that assist in  the development of a  hands-on experience, including a language lab, a multimedia room, an audiovisual room with educational facilities and materials, and a practical room for tourism service.


4. Employment Perspectives
  Graduates usually enter the tourism industry, financial service institutions, and educational organizations including luxury tourist hotels, travel agencies, airlines, convention centers, banks and universities. Other fields are also available, such as government-financed institutions, research institutes, accounting firms, independent enterprises and graduate schools.


5. Office
  Location: Uiyanggwan, 3rd Floor, Room 320
  Number: +82-53-580-6427

1095 Dalgubeoldaero, Daegu, Korea 42601 / Tel. +82-53-580-5114
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