Major in Management Information Systems (MIS)

1. History
  Established with a capacity of 50 students in 1988, having produced around 1,000 graduates since its first graduating class of 16 in 1992, current enrollment is approximately 300. In 1995, the evening course was set up and currently has 120 students. Our department has seven faculty members and plans for further recruitment.


2. Educational Objectives (
  The department provides professional knowledge to manage and offer information effectively to fit the needs of corporate management and decision-making in a knowledge- and information-based society. By providing the required subjects, including theories and practical knowledge of the management of information, analysis and planning of business systems, information technology and the Internet, and IT venture companies, this department is the most futuristic field to cultivate specialists to lead our knowledge- and information-based society now and into the future.


3. Facilities and Equipment
  The department has a PC room with the latest software, NT server, Unix server, beam projector, multimedia room, audiovisual room and a language lab.


4. Employment Perspectives
  Students can acquire degrees from two universities in the USA and Keimyung University at the same time. After graduation, many opportunities are offered. For example, students can work in private companies or IT-related public institutions through further study including business administration or computer-related knowledge. It is also possible to enter graduate school, or a company in the USA if students complete the dual degree program with the Department of Computer Information Systems and MSIS at Eastern Michigan University, or the MBA program with Southeast Missouri State University. This field of promising enterprises and the further development of IT venture companies is open, and there is also a potential to start venture enterprises, including IT and Internet-related areas (online shopping malls, auctions or similar e-commerce initiatives).


5. Office
  Location: Uiyanggwan, 3rd, Floor Room 321
  Number: +82-53-580-6428

1095 Dalgubeoldaero, Daegu, Korea 42601 / Tel. +82-53-580-5114
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