Major in Taxation

1. History
  This department was established in 1998, with a capacity of 40 students and has turned out graduates since 2002. As of the Spring semester 2010, we have six highly experienced faculty members and plan to recruit more. The graduate course (master's and Ph.D. degrees) was founded in 2006 and most graduates are now in employment as tax officials or tax accountants.


2. Educational Objectives 
  Taxes pervade every aspect of a nation's economic activity. Taxes are directly related to the initiation of policies and protecting the property rights of individuals, and are a major factor in the economic decision-making of individuals and companies alike. In our modern capitalist society, the demand for tax specialists is increasing significantly. With this in mind, our department has opened subjects that are a requirement in the preparation for exams to become tax specialists, such as tax officials and tax accountants. The goal of this department is to produce the country's best tax officials and to nurture the tax professionals that companies and financial institutions need.


3. Facilities and Equipment
  This department has a multimedia room for integrated management education with the tax accounting program DUZONE, a training room for groups preparing for the CPA and tax accountancy exams and a library to help prepare the job of tax officers.


4. Employment Perspectives
  It is possible to play an active part in accounting and tax fields at the level of expert. Graduates also work as tax specialists at companies and at tax, accounting, or law firms after acquiring CPA, tax accountant, or customs officers. An option chosen by a number of graduates is to work as revenue officials with the central or local government. Many students have recently attained employment as tax or accounting managers in financial institutes or large and medium sized enterprises. Year on year, the number of applicants from our department who have passed the tax official exam has increased.


5. Office
  Location: Uiyanggwan, 3rd Floor, Room 324
  Number: +82-53-580-6429

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