Major in Orchestral Instruments

1. Introduction
  The Department of Orchestral Instruments provides quality training with a vision to develop musical talents. By stressing the importance of musical strength and technique by performing concerts every year, students are required to enroll in various string, wind, brass and percussion ensembles, as well as full orchestra, symphonic band and various smaller groups. This will enable them to develop and achieve their fullest potential to become global professional musician


2. History
   - The Department of Orchestral Instruments, Keimyung University (KMU) established in 1961 as a sacred instrumental music

   - Later re-organized as Music Department in 1965 and Instrumental Music Department in 1971.
   - Instrumental Music Department was divided into Orchestral Music and Piano in 1984.
   - In March of 1995, five departments became Department of Music. .
   - Currently, it is Department of Orchestral Instruments


3. Educational Objectives
   To cultivate world class musicians through practical training.


4. Facilities
  The Department of Orchestral Instruments shares with other department of the College of Music and Performing Art multi-media equipment in every lecture room, a state of the art multi-media studio, an LCD projector studio, 27 performance practice rooms, a music technology room, an acting room and a film editing room. It also uses an outstanding recital hall, a large orchestra rehearsal room with a library and instrument storage room, and the grandest facility of all, Keimyung Art Center.


5. Office
   - Place : 301, the third Floor, Music Building 
   - Tel : 053-580-6574

1095 Dalgubeoldaero, Daegu, Korea 42601 / Tel. +82-53-580-5114
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