Major in Vocal Performance

1. Introduction
  Over 40 years ago, the Vocal Music Department, which was then known as the Department of Religious Music, made efforts to grow and develop professional musical education. It was raised to the level of Department of Vocal Music in the Music College and has since its inception, produced many musicians and educators.
  To educate creative and studious musicians, the Department of Vocal Music instructs a small group ensemble, chorus, and opera performances on the basis of music theory and practical technique courses. An essential element in the training involves stage performance experiences,.
  World-famous musicians are invited as guest professors through close international relations with sister institutions. Utilizing hands on techniques and developed pedagogical theory, we plan to broaden the perspectives and experiences of our students. Our goal is to produce world-famous performers, conductors and music scholars who can add to the cultural landscape.


2. History
   After the Department of Vocal Music was founded in 1971, the five departments of the Music College were unified into one music department. In 2007 the name was changed to the Music/Performance Arts College, Department of Vocal Music and has produced a number of noted musicians and educators. We have world-famous musicians as professors and are proud of our numerous concerts and recitals, held at Keimyung’s Art Center. There are many opportunities to perform, such as annual concerts for vocal music, performance of Handel’s Messiah, opera and choir. Students also perform under the guidance of the Keimyung Opera Company.
   Not only are there stages for Choir, but there are also stages where students can show their own personal abilities such as the Night of Arietta, Graduate Concert, Recital, Music College Night, among others. Through these experiences students have won prizes in National concours.


3. Educational Objectives
  To educate the holistic artists through practical and creative training
   - 1.To educate artists in the fundamental principles of truth, justice and love
   - 2.To educate professional vocalists who can take a lead in the global music scene
   - 3.To educate musical artists who can show artistic sensibility and creative thinking
   - 4.To educate creative artists who can help push the boundaries in various musical fields
   - 5.To educate artists who practice responsibility in the local community


4. Facilities
  The Music hall was constructed in 2008 and is used by the Music/Performance Arts college. It has state of the art multimedia facilities in every lecture room. This new facility has given our department ample room to operate. It also includes choral rooms, opera facilities and 22 practice rooms. We have created the perfect environment for vocal artists to express themselves.


5. Office
   - Location : Music Department 4th floor, room 401  

   - Tel. : 053) 580-6575

1095 Dalgubeoldaero, Daegu, Korea 42601 / Tel. +82-53-580-5114
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