Major in Piano

1. Introduction
  To cultivate professional musicians who can perform and compete on the international stage, the Piano Department includes a course of professional private lessons, allied to a highly developed musical pedagogy. The goal of the Piano Department is to produce graduates, who are open-minded, cosmopolitan, creative, professional and ethical.
Students in the Piano department have the opportunity to study with highly acclaimed faculty members, who have studied predominantly in Europe and the United States. Our students learn the full spectrum of musical pieces and style, from the Baroque to the contemporary.
Through our Freshmen Concert, Piano Department Recital, Concerto Concert, and Conservatory Gala Night, Students in the Piano department are given practical assistance in the pursuit of their concert careers.


2. History
   The Piano Department at the School of Music and Performance Art started out as the Department of Religious Music in 1961. In 1965 the name was changed to the Music Department. After establishing the Department of Instrumental Music in 1961, the Music Department grew to the status of a School of Art in 1978. In 1981 the School of Art was reformed to the status of Conservatory. In 1984 the Department of Instrumental Music was divided into the Department of Orchestral Music and the Piano Department. In 2004 the Conservatory and School of Performance Art were consolidated into its current incarnation as the School of Music and Performance Art.


3. Educational Objectives
   - To provide a dynamic learning environment for future professionals in which each student's fullest musical potential may be realized
   - To promote the highest standards of excellence and to generate the most significant professional impact in all areas of scholarly and artistic activity
   - To produce graduates, who can operate as professors, musical scholars, professional accompanists, performance agents, music critics and executives at private music institutes. Our ultimate goal is to produce creative musicians who can fulfill the diverse demands of society.


4. Facilities
   The Piano Department has practice rooms, lesson rooms, a music hall and a music museum, all of which have heating and cooling systems. The concert halls at our school have a number of worldwide famous brand pianos, which include a full-sized concert Steinway, Boston, Yamaha, and Kawai.


5. Office
   - Music building 2nd floor No.201
   - Tel. : 053) 580-6577

1095 Dalgubeoldaero, Daegu, Korea 42601 / Tel. +82-53-580-5114
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