Major in Dance

1. Introduction
  The Dance Department is responsible for the development of professionals in the field of Dance through structured education, which combines strong technique and creative work. The department offers performance opportunities and contributes to both the national and international arts scenes. Students graduate with a BA in Dance and become active in the field as choreographers, dancers, and educators. Degrees offered: BA (Bachelor of Arts in Dance), MFA (Master of Fine Arts), MA in Dance Education.
  Graduates of our program join the professional field as dancers, choreographers, educators, writers, critics, and in related areas such as dance therapy and dance production, lighting, costumes, etc.


2. History
   The Dance Department was founded in 1984 within the College of Physical Education.    In 1996, the MFA program was started.    In 1997 the Graduate School of Education was founded.    Since 2007 the Dance Department has become a part of the College of Music and Performing Arts.


3. Educational Objectives
   The objective of the Dance Department is to foster dance professionals through systematic education which combines practice and theory. The Dance major is available in the areas of Modern Dance, Korean Dance and Classical Ballet. Courses include dance techniques, dance composition, aesthetics, history, and dance studies. The Department encourages an international perspective in keeping with today's global world.


4. Facilities
   - Four spacious studios at the College of Music and Performing Arts
   - Keimyung Arts Center, Haedam Concert Hall and a small theater.
   - Changing rooms, showers and lounges.
   - Beautifully landscaped campus.


5. Scholarships and Financial Aid
   - Full scholarship offered to the student who wins the grand prix at the Dance competition organized by Keimyung University
   - Partial scholarships offered to those who win special awards at this Dance competition.
   - Scholarship offered to students with high grades.
   - Work Study scholarship offered.
   - Special scholarship available.


6. Office
   - Location: # 201 2nd floor at the College of Music and Performing Arts Center,
   - contact : 053-580-5522

1095 Dalgubeoldaero, Daegu, Korea 42601 / Tel. +82-53-580-5114
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