Major in Drama and Musical Theatre

1. Introduction
  The primary goal of the Theatre Arts Department is to focus on the training of students who possess the temperament and talent to successfully pursue careers in professional theatre. With excellent educational facilities, such as the Keimyung Art Center, one of the finest playhouses in Korea, the department attempts in every possible way to offer opportunities to students to develop their innate creative capabilities, enhance practical technique, and instill ethical values. It aims at enabling our students to become leaders in the world of the performing arts.
  The undergraduate program at the Theatre Arts Department balances practical and theoretical courses. All students take classes in World Theatre History, the History of Korean Theatre, Script Analysis, Stage Directing, Introduction to the Performing Arts, Drama Criticism, Common Sense of Theatre and Theatre Business Management Seminars. In terms of intensive practical courses, the department offers an Acting class, Musical Workshop, Theatre Production, Stage Direction Project, Stagecraft and a course in Advanced Theatre Technology.
  The Department of Theatre Arts also offers an undergraduate program in secondary school teacher education. Students who are interested in becoming a theatre teacher should consult the department chair regarding the required programs necessary to obtain theater licensing and a teaching certificate.


2. History
   Established in 2003 the Department of Theatre Arts enjoys a reputation as Daegu Metropolitan City and Gyeongsang Province's leading training institution for theatre artists and scholars. The Department of Theatre Arts offers opportunities to participate in a Youth Theatre Festival, the National Musical Festival, the Daegu International Musical Festival, Geochang International Festival of Theatre, Miryang Summer Performing Festival, all helping to enhance the professional abilities and talents of gifted individual students. Recent productions include the musical "Sweeney Todd", "Blind Love", "Jekyll & Hyde", "Rainbow Story", "Before the Summer Passes by" among many that have been awarded prizes and critical acclaim.


3. Educational Objectives
   The Department of Theatre Arts offers a demanding, intensive program of personalized, professional training aimed at nurturing professional theatre artists.


4. Facilities
   In order to create an active learning environment, the department is dedicated to providing the highest quality theatre facilities. Keimyung Art Center is at the heart of this endeavor. The center was built exclusively for pieces of theatre, musical, opera and concert performances. The theatre seats over 1945 in comfort, all seats providing clear views of the stage. Large proscenium space marks a total area of 1,236.37㎡, excluding the orchestra pit. The department also makes use of a medium sized performing hall with an approximate capacity of 350, used primarily for theatre productions. A smaller theatre named the Black Box is one of the facilities the department frequently uses. The Black Box theatre, located in the basement of the music hall, has a potential capacity of approximately 200. Most of our performances are produced in this space. Moreover, the department has more facilities for theatre education such as a dressing area, green room, costume and prop shop, scene shop, practice rooms and shower rooms.


5. Office
   If mailing submissions, please send to:
   - The Department of Theatre Arts- Music hall 401(4F)
     College of Music and Performing Arts, Keiymung University
     2800 Dalgubeoldaero, Dalseo-Gu, Daegu, Korea 704-701 / Tel. +82-53-580-6579

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