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Based on the institutional precept, “For the kingdom of truth, justice and love" the College of Nursing strives ”To promote holistic education and professional competence, to pursue academic excellence and ethical scholarship“ as our educational principles. The College of Nursing retains excellent educational facilities such as comfortable lecture and debriefing rooms, furnished with ultramodern equipment and instruments, and laboratories for practice of biological nursing, fundamental nursing, clinical nursing, maternity care, community health care, and nursing informatics. In addition, the college has secured clinical nursing practice within the Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center, which has a 119-year history and ultramodern medical equipment and diverse health care institutions in the local community. Furthermore, our college operates a Research Institute of Nursing Science, Center for Parish Nursing and medical library. The graduates of our college have recorded a 100% pass rate at the national nursing licence examinations every year.


The College of Nursing was founded in 1924 by Ms. Clara Hedburg Bruen who was a nursing missionary from Presbyterian Church in the USA. The college was reorganized into Dongsan Nursing College in 1979, and then into the Department of Nursing within the School of Medicine, Keimyung University in 1989. In 1993 the college was upgraded to a college of nursing, which is the first instance outside the Seoul metropolitan area. Special courses for RN-BSN Transfer to acquire bachelor's degree was opened in 2000. Our college building was relocated to the present site within Seongseo campus in February 2010.

Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of our college of nursing is to foster creative nurses dedicated to the pursuit of truth, to foster ethical nurses committed to the realization of justice and to nurture holistic nursing leaders devoted to the practice of love.

Equipment and Facilities

Our college of nursing is housed in a newly constructed five-story building, with a total area of 8,448.7㎡. Our building has six lecture rooms furnished with ultramodern equipment, six practice laboratories, a simulation center (K-SMART Hospital), three debriefing rooms, five seminar rooms, faculty offices, a Center for Parish Nursing, administrative offices, meeting rooms, a faculty lounge, a student lounge, female student lounge, student circle rooms and a Research Institute of Nursing Science.

Administration Office

  • Telephone : 053)580-3912~5
  • Location : Room N208, 2nd Floor, Jeongapgyu Hall
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      Department of Nursing 053)580-3912~5 Curriculum Faculty members
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  • Tel580-3915

Update date2018-05-31