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Hold a Bisa Love Concert
Center for International Affairs
2019-12-12 14:37:40
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On October 31st , 2019, the Keimyung University Alumni Association held the Keimyung Bisa Love Concert commemorating the 120th anniversary of the establishment of Keimyung University.

Musical actor Choi Jung-won's special appearance, as well as musicians from Keimyung University such as soprano Lee Hwa-young and baritone Kim Seung-chul, were invited to perform.

In addition, a Bisa modern dance group composed of Keimyung University alumni and the Neulpureun (evergreen) wind orchestra were also featured.

The performance lasted one and a half hours and the entire proceeds of the performance will be donated to the Keimyung University Scholarship and the Development Fund. 

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