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On-Campus Job Center was selected as an excellent university
Center for International Affairs
2020-06-16 11:05:51
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Keimyung University's On-Campus Job Center was selected as an excellent university for 4 consecutive years
On-Campus Job Center was selected as an excellent university for 4 consecutive years until 2019 since its selection in 2015.

  Keimyung University was selected as an excellent university for 4 consecutive years at On-Campus Job Center operation evaluation, hosted by Ministry of Employment and Labor(MoEL) and organized by Korean Employment Information Service(KEIS)
  On-Campus Job Center is a project supported by MoEL to integrate career and job and start-up support functions in universities and to provide guidance on youth employment policies and programs linked to related agencies such as employment centers and local governments for college students and local youth.
  Keimyung University's On-Campus Job Center has established youth employment governance with various related agencies, businesses and universities in the region as a hub center in Daegu since it was selected in 2015. Various programs and efforts have been made to relieve local unemployment rate. The university's Recruit Tour the Chimac Festival local university-affiliated employment camp Job support program linked to the Dalgubeol Youth Center Internship briefing session for young people by Hansang Corporation
  To mark the 120th anniversary of Keimyung University's establishment, the Keimyung Career Employment Mentor Group was also operated, consisting of 120 alumni. The employment mentors were composed of graduates under the age of 40 and gained huge popularity among the students by providing them with more intimate information and up-to-date information. In particular, mentors were selected as the best cases in the country by awarding mentors' letters of appointment to help them take charge of more responsible mentoring.
  In addition, super rookie mentoring program aimed at guiding students closely and strengthening their job competencies and a job-hunting event with leading local companies were conducted
  Keimyung University has already been selected as the best university for 3 consecutive years in 2018, allowing it to receive an additional year of support following the university job center project period, which was until February 2021, and was selected as the nation's No. 1 university in the evaluation of pure student support capacity among the Youth Dream University evaluation in 2019.
  Prof. Sung-yong Lee , Director of Keimyung University's On-Campus Job Center, said We will continue to expand and operate projects that can provide practical help to young people by working more closely with local related agencies.
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Update date2020-06-16