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Dalseo-gu Middle-aged Technology Start-up Center was selected with best grade
Center for International Affairs
2020-06-16 11:07:45
Dalseo-gu Middle-aged Technology Start-up Center.jpg
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Daeseo-gu Middle-agred Technology Start-up Center was selected with the the best grade in 2019 performance evaluation

  Under a consortium project between Dalseo-gu District Office in Daegu Metropolitan City and Keimyung University's Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation, the middle-aged technology start-up center in Dalseo-gu, currently operated by Keimyung University's Business Start-up Support Center, has continued to evaluate the best grade for 5 consecutive years in the 2019 performance evaluation.

  The Ministry of SMEs and Startups(MSS) conducts performance evaluations on middle-aged technology start-up centers every year with various indicators such as management and operation performance. Then it assigns grades according to the comprehensive evaluation and supports project costs differently.
  Accordingly, as a result of a comprehensive evaluation of 27 middle-aged technology start-up centers in 2019, Dalseo-gu Middle-aged Technology Start-up Center achieved the best grade for 5 consecutive years since 2015-2018.
  The center opened in August 2013 to discover middle-aged (over 40 years old) entrepreneurs with experience, network, and expertise, and provide one-stop type of start-up support services to revitalize technology start-ups.
  Start-up companies can receive various support such as office space, start-up education, mentoring, prototype production and marketing expenses, commercialization linkage and networking programs, then they will continue to provide active support for successful start-ups of middle-aged (preparatory) start-ups by implementing systematic customized technology start-up programs.
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Update date2020-06-16