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Academic Encouragement Scholarship is provided to all students due to COVID-19
Center for International Affairs
2020-06-16 11:29:13
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Academic Encouragement Scholarship is provided to all students with a scale of USD 4,143,532 donated by Faculty and Administrative members
  - USD 166, Academic Encouragement Scholarship, is provided to 23,000 Keimyung University’s students
  - President, executive members contribute 10-20% of salaries for 3 months and all staff members participate in the fund-raising to collect USD 4,143,532

  Keimyung University has decided to provide USD 166, academic encouragement scholarship, to 23,000 students. The total amount is about USD 4,143,532.

  As COVID-19 crisis has been prolonged, students from other regions have continued to have difficulties in paying rents for empty rented rooms and raising living expenses through part-time jobs. Considering these points, Keimyung University intends to provide the scholarship to all students for living support, meanwhile existing scholarships will be provided as in previous years.
  About 2,000 professors and administrative staff have voluntarily donated a part of their salaries to finance the scholarship. President Synn Ilhi, executive members donate 20% of their salaries, and other assigned staff members donate 10% of the salary for 3 months. Other professors and staff voluntarily participate in the fund-raising. Furthermore, existing donations are also used. This is to practice love to students and to share its difficulties and suffers in local community.
  Keimyung University has been lowering or remaining tuition fess for the last 12 years. Considering inflation, financial difficulties has been increasing. Despite the difficulties, the scholarship is provided to students for supporting. As a result, educational costs per student is increasing annually.

  Under these circumstances, professors and staff members have stepped up efforts to help students suffered from COVID-19. The scholarship is provided to students by the end of April.
  Members of Keimyung University have steadily practiced sharing and volunteering. Since 2004, Keimyung Caritas was launched by donations of 1% of their monthly salaries. About USD 331,180 is collected annually to support love-income families, volunteer work abroad, sharing Kimchi and briquettes for the underprivileged and students with incurable diseases. Recently, USD 124,172 is donated to Keimyung University Daegu Dongsan Hospital, a regional hub hospital for COVID-19, and daily necessities, worth about USD 24,835, were provided to 1,500 international students and basic livelihood recipients. Especially, special living support expenses will be provided to students in need.

  President Synn says there is nothing more important than the study. I would make every effort to ensure studies and researches can be carried out promptly. And, I respect all members of Keimyung University who made difficult decisions, and hope it will be some helps to the student.

  Above all, Keimyung University make all efforts to overcome crisis fo COVID-19. Keimyung University Daegu Dongsan Hospital is fully used for patients only. To that end, admission of 130 patients consent an evacuation of the hospital, and the whole rooms are operated for infected patients with 24 hour emergency surveillance system. About 360 staff such as doctors, nurses, medical laboratory technologists and administrative staff and 170 people from outside have given their best in the treatment during day and night.
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Update date2020-06-16