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Bell Tolling Ceremony to Overcome COVID-19 and Announce New Beginning
Center for International Affairs
2020-06-17 11:50:26
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Bell Tolling Ceremony to Overcome COVID-19 and Announce New Beginning
- University Bell was resonated at Hengso Museum to overcome COVID-19 on Monday(May 4), at 13:30
- About a hundred people of professors, administrative staff and students rang the bell 12 times to announce new beginning by ringing the bell in 60 years
  University Bell was resonated to announce new beginning in 60 years at Seongseo Campus, Keimyung University.

  Keimyung University held Bell Tolling Ceremony at Hengso Museum, Seongseo Campus, Keimyung University on Monday(May 4) at 13:30. In 1960’s the bell had been resonated to announce that classes begin. It was resonated to begin face-to-face laboratory and practical classes partially on Monday(May 4) while remote classes are implemented due to COVID-19.

  Keimyung University rang the bell in 60 years with the meaning to overcome COVID-19 and have hopes by announcing classes began. About a hundred people of President Synn Ilhi, Executive academic members, administrative staff and students rang the bell 12 times. The number 12 means spirits of establishment of Keimyung University and 12 disciples of Jesus.
  The bell which was originally located at the headquarter of Daemeyong Campus was moved to Hengso Museum, Seongseo Campus. It means two wings of BISA(Flying Lion as an imagined animal) a Symbol of Keimyung University. It symbolizes Keimyung University’s spirit and study. The wall propping pillars was build with stones of Daegu Eupseong castle and red brick representing university’s buildings. This has identity of university with geographic backgrounds of Daegu. The Spirit of establishment is contained in the bell. Keimyung University strengthens resolution to prepare the future with new beginning and leaping through the ceremony.
  Prof. Synn Ilhi, President of Keimyung University, said the ceremony is to wish ceasing COVID-19 and implementing face-to-face classes promptly, also the whole nation has joined forces to overcome difficulties wisely whenever we have faced so far. So, I sincerely wish that today’s ceremony will bring new beginning and hopes.
  Thorough preparations have been implemented for the face-to-face class. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through the face-to-face class, all members took the education so that they can be familiar with the manual. Pyrogenic counseling offices were established in university, and immediate action can be taken in the event of students showing suspicious symptoms. In addition, thermal imaging cameras were set up in each building to check the heat, and personal data of the visitor has been recorded to prepare for any contingencies. Students were asked to wear masks and use hand disinfectant before and after the class.
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