1. Course Description
    Designed for dynamics of Korean politics. Historical legacy, international environment, political system in its structure and function, nature of elite recruitment, and other contemporary political settings will be analyzed. Attentions will be given to the relations between citizen and government, focusing on each phases of political process and concerned individual and interest groups in public policy-making mechanism in Korea. Moreover, controversial issues of development between political and economic realms will be brought to the discussion table.
  2. Course Objectives
    This course is designed to give students a basic understanding of Korean government and politics. Major topics for discussion include government structures and functions, political processes and culture, and democracy in terms of value and processes. Students will have a good opportunity to broaden their perspectives about political system as a whole. The instructor is also interested in the relationship between people, their social groups, and governmental organizations (systems). Korean Government and Politics will be primarily a discussion-oriented class. Therefore students are required to prepare for and participate in class discussion. Students are also encouraged to read newspapers and news magazines to keep informed on Korean politics and major issues in Korea.
  3. Teachnig Method
    1. Come to Class physically and mentally. 2. Prepare for class. Do the readings. Think about them. Be ready to discuss them. 3. Participate in class intelligently, not from your back pocket. 4. Respect your classmates.
  4. Textbook
  5. Assessment
  6. Requiments
    THIS COURSE IS TAUGHT IN ENGLISH. You must be comfortable reading, listening to, and speaking English. (Your writing for tests is also in English, but I don't need beautiful sentences.)
  7. Practical application of the course
    All aspects of life in society are impacted by government and politics. You will understand a country better if you understand how government works with residents, and how politics impacts government.
  8. Reference