1. Course Description
    This is a survey course for foreign students who want to obtain a general idea of what Korean history is all about. More time and emphasis, however, is given to the period after the Chosun dynasty was established in the late 15th century. The contrast between the traditional and modern Korea, the coming of the western powers to Korea in the late 19th century and the impact it had on Korea, how the cold war turned into a hot war in 1950, and the making of a modernized Korea are among the topics studied.
  2. Course Objectives
    1. Demonstrate familiarity with the broad outilines of modern Korean history from the late-nineteenth century to the early twenty-first century.
  3. Teachnig Method
    1. Attend. 2. Complete reading assignments. 3. Be prepared to participate.
  4. Textbook
  5. Assessment
  6. Requiments
    Students must complete the assigned readings, attend lectures, visit my office during office hours, take four quizzes, a midterm exam, and a non-cumulative final exam. Final grades will be determined as follows: Midterm Exam: 25% Final Exam: 25% Quizzes (4@10%): 40% Attendance: 05% Office Hours Visits (5@1%) 05%
  7. Practical application of the course
  8. Reference