1. Course Description
    This course, Korean I, is the beginner's class in learning Korean. It teaches students the Korean Alphabet, Hangul, the Korean sound system and basic grammatical structures and short dialogues based on everyday greetings, asking directions, shopping, etc.
  2. Course Objectives
    The aim of this course for foreign students is to read and write Korean and to perform the basic language skills needed for daily life. This course is composed of essential vocabulary, grammar and expressions for beginners derived from everyday situations and functions of real life such as greeting, introducing oneself, shopping and ordering at a restaurant. Students can also understand and express personal and familiar topics such as family, friends, weather, transportation, etc.
  3. Teachnig Method
    Lectures with various class activities.
  4. Textbook
  5. Assessment
  6. Requiments
    1. To get a grade in this course, students should review what they study every class. 2. To get a grade in this course, students should attend more than 2/3 classes. 3. To get a grade in this course, students should participate in class activities.
  7. Practical application of the course
    This course will provide basic Korean communication skills and knowledge of Korean culture.
  8. Reference