1. Course Description
    기독교정신으로 설립된 계명대학교의 교양필수과목으로서 인문학적관점으로 기독교를 이해하고자 합니다. 이러한 전제하에서 다음과 같은 내용을 다룹니다. 1.기독교의 경전인 성서와 기독교 역사에 나타난 기독교정신과 세계관을 살펴봅니다. 2.기독교를 포함한 종교 전반에 대 해고찰합니다. 3.다원주의 사회에서 우리가 지녀야할 삶의 자세가 무엇인지를 모색해봅니다.
  2. Course Objectives
    1. By the end of the course, students should be able to summarize the origins, core beliefs, and practices of Christianity. 2. They should be able to identify the differences between the major Christian churches. 3. They should be able to describe the contributions of Christianity to culture. 4. They should be able to summarize the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth
  3. Teachnig Method
    * These things are NOT allowed in class: 1.texting, gaming, or browsing on your smartphone or computer 2.sleeping; talking when the professor is lecturing; doing assignments for other classes.
  4. Textbook
  5. Assessment
    Attendance: 1 point deduction for every 1 hour missed, without a valid excuse. Three times late/or early exit is equal to 1 absence. More than 5 absences without valid excuse means an automatic F grade. Exams: Will be based on the PPT lectures; 25~30 questions (mostly multiple choice; some short answer and/or fill-in-the blank) Assignment: Answer questions about Luther's 'Freedom of a Christian' (assignment with be uploaded to course website before the midterm)
  6. Requiments
    No prerequisites courses; a high intermediate level of English ability is expected---especially in listening and reading
  7. Practical application of the course
    Improves reading and writing in English, as well as analytical skills.
  8. Reference