Department of Psychology

1. History
    The Psychology Department at Keimyung University was established in 1979, producing the first batch of graduates in 1983. Since then, about 1,100 graduates have gone on to careers in government agencies, research organizations, private industry and health service fields providing mental health services in hospitals, clinics or private facilities. The current enrollment at the department includes approximately 240 undergraduate students and approximately 40 graduate students pursuing master's or doctoral degrees. The current faculty consist of 8 full-time and 2 emeritus professors. 


2. Information
    Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The Psychology Department at Keimyung aims to provide students with learning experiences that increase their critical thinking skills, facilitate their acquisition of the basic concepts and principles of psychology, equip them with methods of scientific inquiry into behavior, thought, and emotion, and prepare them for employment or further study. Psychology graduates, therefore, are expected to possess knowledge of current theories and data across a broad range of the discipline of psychology, research and analytical skills to critically evaluate and conduct ethical psychological research.

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