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College of Social Science was established in 1980. Initially, the college consisted of six departments; the Department of Law, the Department of Economics, the Department of Trade, the Department of Public Administration, the Department of Psychology, and the Department of Library. In the subsequent year, the Department of Sociology and the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism were added. In the early 2000s, the College of Social Science experienced a marked growth due to various innovative efforts and organizational restructuring. The College currently hosts the following 12 departments(Majors) with students body over 4,000.

  • Faculty of Economics & Commerce
    • Department of Economics and Finance
    • Department of International Commerce
  • Faculty of Public Service
    • Department of Public Administration
    • Department of Politics and International Relations
  • Faculty of Communication
    • Department of Journalism and Visual Communication
    • Department of Advertising and Public Relations
  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Library and Information Science
  • Department of Social Welfare
  • Department of Law
  • Department of Police Administration


June 11, 1953
  • An American missionary of the Northern Presbyterian Church of the United States, Reverend Edward Adams, and two local Presbyterian Church leaders, Reverends Choi Jaehwa and Kang Ingu, formed the University Establishment Committee.
February 05, 1955
  • Establishment of Keimyung Christian College Foundation were approved
February 18, 1956
  • Keimyung College
March 1, 1974
  • Department of Trade (International Commerce)
March 1, 1975
  • Department of Economics (Economics and Finance)
March 1, 1978
  • Keimyung University (College of Liberal Arts, College of Economics and Commerce, College of Science and Engineering, College of Performing Arts)
March 1, 1979
  • Department of Psychology
March 1, 1980
  • Department of Public Administration and Department of Library (Information Science)
March 1, 1980
  • Department of Public Administration and Department of Library (Information Science)
September 1, 1988
  • College of Social Science relocated to Seongseo campus
March 1, 1998
  • Department of Politics Science and Diplomacy
March 1, 1999
  • Department of Social Welfare and Department of Advertizing and Public Relations
March 1, 2001
  • Department of Cyber Trade (E-Trade)
March 1, 2007
  • School of Economics and International Commerce (majors in Economics, Consumer Information Science, International Commerce and E-Trade) School of Media and Visual Communication (majors in Mass Communications and Journalism, Advertizing and Public Relations and Digital Communication) into College of Social Science
March 1, 2010
  • School of Economics and International Commerce restructured as Department of Economics and Finance, Department of Consumer Information Science, Department of International Commerce, and Department of E-Trade School of Media and Visual Communications restructured as Department of Mass Communications and Journalism, Department of Advertizing and Public Relations, Department of Media and Visual Communication

Educational Objectives

  • To Educate Proactive International Specialists in the Age of Globalization
  • To Educate Experts equipped with Flexibility and Universality
  • To Educate Citizens with higher Ethical Standards


Faculty of Social Science building constructed in 1988 occupies 16,503㎡ floor space. It is equipped with a special lecture room with state of art educational technology and equipment, multi-media seminar lecture rooms, and computer laboratories. The building also hosts faculty offices, department offices, rooms for students' associations, faculty library, student seminar rooms and experiment rooms, etc.

Administration Office

  • Web masterCollege of Social Science·KAC Administration Team
  • Tel+82-53-580-5392

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