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Consistently defending the pride of prestige of the school for over 100 years Helping alumni achieve their goals in the medical profession.


Keimyung University's School of Medicine is located in a private university in Daegu, Korea, founded by American medical missionaries from the Northern Presbyterian church, initially as an American Pharmacy, the Jejoongwon, on Oct 1, 1899. The School of Medicine received its current name after gaining official approval in 1978. The first class, composed of 59 premedical students, commenced studies in 1981. From its beginnings to the present, the school has turned out well in excess of 2,500 graduates. The School of Medicine was moved from 194 Dongsan-Dong to 2800 Dalgubul-Daero in 2010. When the school was located at Dongsan-Dong, it had a total of 9 stories, with 12,945.5㎡. The medical school moved to its current location on Dalgubul-Daero in 2010, where it still has 9 stories, with 21,150.5㎡ dedicted for the medical school and 2,535.5㎡ for research purposes. There are 13 basic science departments, 23 clinical departments, chronic disease and therapeutic chemical research centers along with 7 pioneering research institutes. Education is guided by a faculty of more than 100 leading scientists, medical researchers and practicing physicians teaching more than 400 students. Master's and doctoral degree courses opened in 1985 and 1988 respectively.

Educational Objectives

  • Object 1  To Instruct Doctors Dedicated to the Pursuit of Truth
    • Basic Medical Knowledge, Clinical Skill, and Good Attitude
    • Logical Thinking with Original Problem-solving Power
    • Continuous Self-development
  • Object 2  To Foster Doctors Committed to the Realization of Justice
    • Ethical Attainment
    • Open-hearted Communication
    • Good Leadership
  • Object 3  To Nurture Doctors Devoted to the Practice of Love
    • Respect for the Dignity of Human Life
    • Holistic Medical Treatment
    • Love of Christ

Administration Office

  • Telephone : 053)258-7311~8
  • Location : Room M307, 3rd Floor, School of Medicine
    Faculty/Department Office Curriculum Info Faculty members
    Department of Pre-medicine 053)258-7313 Curriculum Faculty members
    Department of Medicine 053)258-7313, 7315 Curriculum Faculty members
  • Web masterSchool of Medicine Administration Team
  • Tel+82-53-258-7314

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