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The College of Fine Arts aims at investigating the aesthetic world and enhancing the quality of life. To achievethose goals, it offers a systematic and scientific curriculum, including in-depth theories and practical skills, which results in producing talented people who are logical and possess a sense of the aesthetic. The program blends time-honored traditions with an excellent faculty, which allows students to build up both abilities and careers. Many graduates have distinguished themselves in numerous exhibitions.


The College of Fine Arts started as the Department of Arts and Crafts in 1964. It changed its name to the College of Applied Fine Arts in 1969. The Department of Painting opened in 1972, which was the origin of the College of Arts. The Department of Industrial Arts was established in 1979 and grew to the status of college. It was divided into two sections in 1984: Modern Paintings and Oriental Paintings. The Department of Industrial Design was added in 1989, Calligraphy in 1992, and Photography & Related Media in 1997. Current departments are Painting, Korean Painting, Calligraphy, Crafts Design, Industrial Design, Photography and Image Design, and Video and Animation. The College of Fine Arts has 27 professors and 900 students.

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