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There are two subway stations at the Seongseo campus: Keimyung University Station (at the corner of the Main and East Gates) and Gangchang Station ( a short walk from the South Gate). As you can see from the map above, there are two subway lines, intersecting downtown at Banwoldang station.



  Adult (Over 19)
Transportation Card KRW 1,400
Cash KRW 1,250


Regular city buses (called Ilban buses) are the most common transportation in Daegu. The bus fare is KRW 1,650 regardless of the destination within the city.

  • The city express bus are more comfortable than the regular city buses and are air-conditioned in the summer. The fare is KRW 1,800.
  Regular city buses
(called Ilban buses)
city express bus
Transportation Card KRW 1,250 KRW 1,650
Cash KRW 1,400 KRW 1,800


Daegu has a phenomenal number of taxis. You will rarely wait more than 3 or 4 minutes to hail a taxi. Taxis are quite inexpensive, with the meter starting at KRW 2,800 before 12.00 am.

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