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Keimyung Dongsan Library opens Metaverse Library ‘Dongsan VILIB’
Center for International Affairs
2021-12-27 09:37:35
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Keimyung Dongsan Library opens Metaverse Library ‘Dongsan VILIB’

- Dongsan Library, officially opened Metaverse Library ‘Dongsan VILIB’ on November 16th
- The exterior and interior spaces of the 7-story building are kept intact and used as a venue for students to engage in various activities and communication.

  Dongsan Library (Dr. Lee, Jonghan, Director of Keimyung Dongsan Library) officially opened Metaverse Library‘Dongsan VILIB (Dongsan Virtual Library)’and started service on November 16th.
  Dongsan Library has built a metaverse space since September 1st, using Zepeto platform, NAVER. In order to bring out the real image, Dongsan Library sketched the floor, wall frame, and interior and proceeded with construction of the virtual spaces. In addition, it was possible to realize a cyber model house through 3D rendering and to realize a metaverse of the teaching material room in Dongsan Library through optimization tests and program error correction.
  A virtual librarian resides in Dongsan VILIB, the metaverse of the 7-story building of Dongsan Library as it is, and welcomes visitors. Users can ask a question to the librarian in real-time to get an immediate answer or to receive service between the real world and the virtual world.
  Freshman and new faculty personnel are able to have library tour without the visit. In particular, they can see 120-year-ago pictures in respect to university’s history in the 7th floor, teaching material room.
  Dongsan Library is expanding its services to the virtual world by providing training to students who want to make their own metaverse. Or even those who have never visited the metaverse can use it by setting up a PR booth.
  To commemorate its opening, there will be some events in Dongsan VILIB, where you can take pictures of your avatar and post them on a bulletin board or share experiences of various services from a virtual librarian.

  Director of Dongsan Library said, despite the midst of the COVID-19 situation, Metaverse can open a new horizon for library service expansion by meeting characteristics of the MZ generation, who are not afraid to approach. And also, we aim to develop the university into a space where students can engage in various activities and communication, not simply as a space to transfer knowledge.

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