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The Kyrgyz National Assembly Offers Gratitude for Reveiving free surgeries
International Affairs Team
2023-05-11 10:34:47
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Speaker of The Kyrgyz National Assembly visits Keimyung University and Offers Gratitude for Citizens Reveiving

- On February 21(Tue): 33 People including Nurlanbek Shakiev, speaker of the Kyrgyz National Assembly,
  legislatures, and the ambassador, visited Keimyung University
- Offered gratitude for the for Dongsan Hospital's medical donations that took plae on tow accasions in 2022

  On Tuesday the 21st, Nurlanbek Shakiev the speaker of the Kyrgyz parliament together with 9 house members, the Kyrgyz ambassador to Korea and others, 33 people in all, visited Keimyung University.

  In 2022, through the “2022 KMU DSMC-HE K. Sadykov Project” set to commemorate the 125th founding anniversary, Keimyung University and the Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center(Director Lee Se-yeop) invited 19 Kyrgyz people that included patients, their guardians and doctors to conduct medical donations through surgeries that took place on two occasions. The 9 patients received heart disease, gynecological and cosmetic surgeries for free. All expenses from surgeries and hospital admission fees, two way air tickets and living expenses etc were availed through the “Dongsan Medical Missionary Welfare Association” and the “Keimyung Caritas” which is made up of donations from Keimyung University faculty. Back then the issue got a lot attention in Kyrgyzstan and was widely covered in the media, today the speaker of the national assembly and house members came to Keimyung University as representatives of their country to directly express their gratitude. The Kyrgyz national assembly delegation had a meeting at Keimyung university and got the chance to visit Dongsan Hospital and take a look at the facilities.

  The president of Keimyung University, Dr. Shin Ilhi, remarked that, “ We have had visitors to Keimyung University from national executive branches such as the president of Poland before, but this is the first visit from the head of a legislative body so it is a huge honor.” and, “It has now been 31 years since the the formation of diplomatic ties between our country and the Kyrgyz Republic, however, even before that there have always been cultural exchanges via the Silkroad, so Kyrgyzstan is a very close country to ours. Since 2013, when Keimyung University started academic exchanges with the Kyrgyzstan National University, it has now, on 5 occasions, sent overseas volunteers who did  volunteer work in building educational facilities and did educational donations. We will work to make sure that this time’s medical donation is not once off, but a continuous thing.”

  Nurlanbek Shakiev the speaker of the Kyrgyz national assembly responded saying, “I want to first express as a representative of the Kyrgyz people, my gratitude to Keimyung University.” and, “Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center’s State of the art facilities and its top medical staff reaching out to our citizens is immensely noble and I hope that Korea’s advanced medical technology will also spread to Kyrgyzstan and that our relations with Keimyung University are maintained.”

  On the other hand, the “2022 KMU DSMC-HE K. Sadykov Project” was started through inter-relations between Keimyung University and the Kyrgyz National University that have been in place since 2014. The turning point was last year in May, when HE K. Sadykov, the rector of the Kyrgyz National University invited Dr. Shin Ilhi, the president of Keimyung University to the celebratory ceremony of the 90th anniversary of the university’s founding and awarded him with an honorary doctorate degree for his contributions in personnel training in ICT and other areas in both the two countries. In October last year, Sadikov, the former president of the Kyrgyz National University, together with whom the project was first planned, also visited Keimyung University.
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