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2023 Winter Bridge to Keimyung Camp
International Affairs Team
2024-01-29 15:12:47
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Keimyung University held ‘2023 Winter Bridge to Keimyung Camp’ hosting 20 French Students

  International Office of Keimyung University has held “2023 Winter Bridge to Keimyung Camp” between January 7 ~ 13, 2024 to introduce Republic of Korea and Keimyung University to partner institutions’ students.
  Keimyung University hosted 10 instructor and students from Sup’Biotech and 10 instructor and students from Paris School of Business this time. In particular, all program expenses, room and board in Korea were covered by Keimyung University, and it consisted of basic Korean Language class, city tours and several culture experience program; cooking, traditional apprael & Tea, Taekwondo and K-Pop Dance.

  Dean of International Office, Prof. Sungho Park, said that all participants have been satisfied with Bridge to Keimyung Camp and they learned a lot of Keimyung University. We have seen their interest and satisfaction connect to study abroad in Korea, therefore, we are planning to hold the camp continually and give more opportunities to students from partner institutions.

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