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Donation of 10,000 Masks from a Student
Center for International Affairs
2020-07-09 10:38:23
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Donation of 10,000 Masks from a Student

- Mr. Jaebaek Choi, Keimyung University’s student, donated 10,000 masks for other students preparing final exams

  Mr. Choi donated 10,000 masks to the university for other students, making a headline.
  On June 22, Mr. Choi, department of History, has visited Keimyung University with 10,000 masks. Mr. Choi who operates his own business(E-commerce and Trade) purchased and delivered them to Keimyung University for supports of the university and its students.

  He said that I recognized the idea of having to help others in time of troubles is easy for everyone, but it is not easy to behave in practice, then I thought donation to my alma mater is the most meaningful choice meanwhile I have found some venues. In addition, Mr. Choi asked, please provide the mask to Korean students preparing final exams and International students who are difficult to get masks.

  Prof. Synn Ilhi, President of Keimyung University, would extend to express appreciation and said, the university has thoroughly prepared before the exam and it is pleased to have invaluable gifts under current situations. And, he mentioned, the better day will definitely come if we help and work each other in the difficult time, and the university make all efforts to make everything be normal quickly.
  Final exams will be implemented combining types of face-to-face and untact between June 23 and July 17. To this end, not only disinfection of the building, but also the exam is extended so that the minimum number of students can take it in the classroom. During the exam period, all administrative members are mobilized to handle unexpected situations, and masks and hand sanitizers will be distributed to all students who take tests on the day. All donated 10,000 masks will be also used for the student.

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