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Hosting the 5th Gukje Forum
Center for International Affairs
2020-12-17 14:32:07
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Hosting the 5th Gukje Forum

- Host Online Forum through Keimyung University Homepage, from Nov. 2nd (Mon) to Nov. 13rd (Fri)
- Present new vision about Education of Arts and Design in Post-Corona Era, with the topic, Better Future


  Keimyung University held the 5th Gukje Forum to present the new vision about Education of Arts and Design in Post-Corona Era, with the topic, Better Future.

  To admire Prof. Jeomshik Jeong, a pioneer of the field of Abstract art in Korea and a pen name of Gukje, who had contributed to development of College of Arts, Keimyung University, Keimyung University has held the 5th biannual Gukje Forum this year since 2012. This forum was held online through Keimyung University homepage, from Nov. 2nd (Mon) to Nov. 13rd (Fri) (URL:


  Prof. Synn Ilhi, President of Keimyung University, said online forum becomes not only the most effective alternative concerning current situations, but also new attempt to use advantages which beyond time-space limits, expand ranges of audience, open knowledge sharing and establish communication place. Furthermore, he wished this forum would become the wise path to provide overall inspiration to many people and encourage them to overcome crisis as the new challenge, not avoid or afraid of it.


  Prof. Rando Kim, Professor of Department of Consumer Science and Director of Consumer Trend Center, Research Institution of Human Ecology at Seoul National University, took the keynote speaker. With the topic, 2020 Trends in Korea, unforeseen occurrences such as COVID-19 have led strong trends to become stronger and weak trends to become weaker rather than creating new trends, in addition, speed of the trends, not the direction, has been being changed, he said.


  Participant discussion was followed by the keynote speech, and participants were Prof. Hahn, Charles Changho (Professor, Dept. of Video and Animation, Keimyung University), Prof. Redondo Bonet Lucas (Professor, Dept. of Industrial Design, Keimyung University), Prof. Ruth Alexander (Professor, Dept. of Fashion Design, Keimyung University), Prof. Sakabe Hitomi (Professor, Dept. of Visual communication Design, Keimyung University) and Prof. Levine Jacob Michael Benjamin (Professor, Dept. of Creative Writing, Keimyung University).


They have discussed how the technology of Virtual Reality has been being used for communication, and how innovative design and fashion trends, relationship of environment and design have become to be made successfully. In terms of multidisciplinary approach to the main topic with cultural policy, marketing, technology, psychology and education including Arts, design and Fashion, students suggested a variety of measures how they design futures to become the talented in the future. Above all, excellent Art works of students recommended from nine departments were exhibited to establish a place of communication between students and citizens.


Gukje Forum had been held with different topics: Vision 21: Tomorrow’s Arts and Design in 2012, Global Engagement: from Keimyung to the World in 2014, Creativity & Engagement in 2016, Talk to Me: Find Innovative Path through Arts in 2018. Various experts including Curator, Guggenheim Museum (New York), Head of department of Asia, British Museum (U.K.), Senior manager of department of Asia, Diezel (Italy), Senior Designer of Mercedes-Benz and Art Director of New York Historical Society had been invited to encourage students to become the global-talented.

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